Can I Get Life Insurance With A Cardiac Arrhythmia?

Cardiac arrhythmia is a condition that can hamper your ability to get life insurance because it’s directly related to your heart. Still, you shouldn’t believe people when they tell you that getting life insurance with a cardiac arrhythmia is too expensive or impossible. We find life insurance for our clients with cardiac arrhythmia all the time. We also help our clients out with other high risk complications such as life insurance with depression or life insurance with sleep apnea. You need to focus on finding the right insurer, not an insurer that won’t “rate” your policy because of your health condition. We can help you.

A thoroughly completed life insurance questionnaire about your condition will be needed. This will allow us to speak with underwriters with all of our companies to find the one that will do the best job for you. Only then will we apply for the life insurance. The last thing you want to do is apply with the wrong carrier and have to re-apply elsewhere.

You will need to be fully underwritten which means a medical exam. This exam is paid for by the insurance company and usually includes blood work, urinalysis, and an EKG. Still, you can usually qualify for normal life insurance with a heart arrhythmia if your condition is mild and you have found the right insurance with a cardiac arrhythmia

The best case scenario is a cardiac arrhythmia diagnosed on an EKG that doesn’t show any heart damage. Insurers will also want to know that you have had no symptoms of palpitation or fainting spells. If this is the case and you have no other health complications, a standard rate class offer is likely. If you feel this is in line with your condition, use the quote form to the left of this page to generate your quote using the standard risk class. This will give you a good idea of where you stand as far as premiums are concerned.

Moderate cases of atrial fibrillations are identifiable and usually a result of another medical condition. Depending on your symptoms like dizziness or lightheadedness you may be experiencing, the tougher it will be to rate standard for life insurance. The premium you have to pay may be higher, but we have strategies that can get your premiums down to where you can fit it into your budget.

For good reason, underwriters for the insurance companies will want to know everything they can about your arrhythmia. They will gather information from the application and medical exam that was done and also request medical records from your doctor. Following are a few questions you will want to be prepared to discuss with your agent when preparing to apply for a life insurance policy.

When were you diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia?

Some of us are born with cardiac arrhythmia and never have any real issue with it. If you have had an early diagnosis and treatment then finding a policy with almost any carrier is a good possibility. Many patients with a cardiac arrhythmia require no medical treatment at all after their diagnosis and can even qualify for the super preferred rate class.

When was your latest cardiac workup?life insurance with a cardiac arrhythmia

If you have had had an EKG recently and the results are okay, then you might end up getting a much better life insurance rate. The more recent your medical reports are the better. Underwriters want to see that you are keeping the arrhythmia under watch and making sure that there are no issues. If it has been a long time since you have reviewed the arrhythmia with your doctor, now may be the time to ask for a quick look.

Have you experienced many symptoms?

If you arrhythmia is causing symptoms like chest pain, palpitations or even fainting spells, then your condition may be somewhat advanced and getting life insurance at a standard rate may be a little difficult.

Insurance companies want to see people whose health is improving, not getting worse. It is important to follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations.

How regular are your cardiologist checkups?

There’s no denying that going to the doctor is mandatory if you have a cardiac arrhythmia. It’s even truer when you have decided to get life insurance. The American Heart Association recommends you work with your healthcare team and follow their instructions to control other risk factors:

  • reduce high blood pressure
  • control cholesterol levels
  • lose excess weight
  • eat a heart-healthy diet
  • avoid tobacco smoke
  • enjoy regular physical activity

Are you taking medication?

Medication is a massive issue in the insurance world. While they are effective for treating many debilitating conditions, there are often ugly side effects to consider. Some blood thinners and anti-arrhythmic drugs carry side effects that can be difficult to manage. Life insurance companies will want to know all the details of any drug therapy you are involved in.

Can I get life insurance with a cardiac arrhythmia?

As you can see, getting life insurance if you have a cardiac arrhythmia requires a little extra work, but usually isn’t that much of a problem. You need to work closely with your doctor and get the most effective treatment in order to speed your recovery. This will help you get the best price for your insurance.

Even if you have just been diagnosed with a cardiac arrhythmia and do not yet have a treatment program in place, we can get life insurance for you! Some companies may give you a higher rating or even postpone you. The important thing is to get the coverage now and hope for a decrease in your rates later. Life insurance companies will often let you reevaluate your risk class rating in light of improvement in a health condition that has “impaired” your risk.

Knowledge of the life insurance marketplace and access to all the top insurers is a must in locating the right insurance carrier in this type of situation.

At Ogletree Financial Services we will discuss your case with underwriters from over 30 different companies to find the perfect fit. As your family grows (or your health improves!) your insurance needs will evolve. Planning for these changes now is an important aspect of planning for your family’s financial future.

Be assured that getting life insurance with a cardiac arrhythmia is a possibility! Let us guide you to the policy you want with a premium you can afford.

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About Ogletree Financial Services

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