Becoming your own banker
indexed universal life

Whole Life versus Term Insurance | Check out the Differences

I remember (a long time ago) when I was starting a family and I knew I needed life insurance. I called a friend of mine who had been in the life insurance business for about five years and asked him what he thought I should do. He replied: “do you want term or permanent insurance?”…
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The Infinite Banking Concept | Becoming Your Own Banker

The Infinite Banking Concept enables individuals, families, and businesses to develop financial independence by becoming your own banker. This concept was implemented by R. Nelson Nash in the early 1980s when he was dealing with unfavorable interest rates on several commercial loans. The story is that Mr. Nash experienced an epiphany when he suddenly realized…
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the term life insurance option

The Term Life Insurance Conversion Option

With Term Life Insurance rates being lower than ever before, there’s no wonder that so many policies are sold today, especially for consumers who need a very large death benefit in order to replace their income. Term life insurance rates are much lower than whole life, indexed universal life and universal life because the mortality…
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LIRPs for average joe

LIRPs for the Average Joe

You are probably reading this because someone suggested that you look into a LIRP to help with retirement planning. It was probably an insurance agent with a tax-free retirement pitch. We feel that LIRPs or better known as a Life Insurance Retirement Plan can be a great supplement to your retirement income. Historically, LIRPs have…
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