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Easy Life insurance at 42

life insurance at 42

Reviewed By: Rob Pinner

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You have reached your early forties and realize that you need life insurance. Your family and your responsibilities are growing and if something were to happen to you, your loved one’s finances would be devastated. Life insurance at 42 is a smart move to protect the quality of life you work hard to provide for your family.

You may have heard that 42-year-olds can’t get affordable life insurance, but the premiums for clients in their forties are not that high. We will show you some sample premiums and you will see that even at 42, you and your family can get the life insurance coverage you need without breaking your budget.

That being said, every year you get older and do not get insured, the premiums you will pay are rising. Your health status could become a concern, many conditions common to those in their forties can cause you to pay elevated life insurance premiums. Waiting to get life insurance costs you money.

If you do have high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol, don’t let these or other “impaired risks” discourage you from seeking the life insurance coverage you and your family need. Each insurance company employs a unique underwriting process that will assess potential clients differently. At Ogletree Financial Services we represent over 30 top insurers and know how to present your unique risk to the right carrier to get you the policy you want at the most affordable rate available.

Let’s quickly look at four common questions that those seeking life insurance ask:

  • What is term versus permanent life insurance?
  • Why do I need life insurance?

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  • How much life insurance do I need?
  • How much will my life insurance cost?

What is term versus permanent life insurance?
Term and permanent are the two main types of life insurance. Term life insurance provides a death benefit to your beneficiaries for a specific amount of time, the term. The term you choose will generally match the length of time your financial responsibility will exist. For example, if you would like to insure your family through your children’s college education, you might be looking at a 15 or 20-year policy.

While the death benefit for term life insurance ends when the policy concludes, permanent life insurance pays offers a death benefit that never expires.  There are riders such as critical illness and chronic illness benefits available.  Additionally, permanent policies have an interest-earning cash account that offers a powerful tax-deferred investment opportunity.

We are generally talking about term policies here, but we have included a few links to some related articles we have written about an exciting permanent life insurance product called indexed universal life (IUL). If you think you are interested in the benefits of an indexed universal life insurance policy, check out these articles. Or better yet, give us a call and learn about the exciting things Ogletree Financial Services can do for you.

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Why do I need life insurance?
Anywhere you have financial responsibility, life insurance may be an appropriate way to protect these obligations. For a growing family, income replacement, college expenses, and mortgages and other large debt are commonly covered.

The income you represent to your family is an important driver of your dreams and the goals you have set for your loved ones. A life insurance policy can make sure that your family can always rely on the wages you provide and the quality of life they enjoy.

Life Insurance at 42


We have many clients who include expenses for their children’s college education in their life insurance calculations. Higher education can play a key role in young adult’s future professional success, but costs are skyrocketing. Life insurance can guarantee your children will have the funds to pursue this crucial opportunity.

4 key features of Indexed Universal Life for College Planning

If you were to pass unexpectedly, you probably don’t want a mortgage or other large debt hanging over your family’s head. Life insurance is commonly used to cover this important financial obligation. Mortgage protection, along with coverage for supplemental income and education expenses, life insurance can protect your loved ones financially in the unfortunate event of your premature death.

Indexed Universal Life for Mortgage Protection?

Small businesses often turn to life insurance to avoid the financial problems faced if a partner dies unexpectedly. You can purchase term or permanent life insurance to cover a small business. To learn about a permanent life policy solution to small business insurance, read our article Funding buy sell agreements with indexed universal life insurance.”

How much life insurance do I need?
At his point, you really need an agent to begin to get together a solid plan for your life insurance coverage. The amount of coverage you need to send your children college could be $25,000 total, $25,000 a year, or even more. Of course, the amount of your mortgage and other debt will dictate the amount of coverage needed to cover this obligation.

Small business coverage will be an amount determined necessary to purchase a partner’s interest in the business you have built together. Often a smaller and very affordable policy can satisfy this need.

Income replacement is often a significant amount of life insurance coverage our clients purchase. Firstly, you must decide, if you were to die, what amount of supplemental income your family would require to continue with the standard of living you have worked hard to provide for them. Once you decide on this amount, divide this income by an interest rate you can count in the benefit you leave your family will earn.

So if you have decided on a supplemental income of $30,000 and use a conservative interest rate of 4%, a life insurance benefit of $750,000 would be required. (30,000 / 0.04 = 750,000).

At this point, you may sense how complicated deciding on and applying for life insurance can be. An independent agent can guide you through this process. A decision this important should not be made without the knowledge and experience Ogletree Financial Services can provide.

How much will my life insurance cost?
You will be surprised at how affordable life insurance at 42 can be. We have provided four tables with some sample monthly premiums for a non-smoking, 42-year-old male and female. These sample quotes are for term life insurance. There is a table for a preferred plus risk rating and one for a standard risk rating.

Term lengths of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years, with face values of $100,000, $250,000, $500,00 and $1,000,000 are shown. These are only sample premiums, your premium will be based on how your unique risk is assessed.

42-year-old Male Preferred Plus Health Category
Term Life Policy – Sample Monthly Premiums – Non-smoker


42-year-old Male Standard Health Category
Term Life Policy – Sample Monthly Premiums – Non-smoker


42-year-old Female Preferred Plus Health Category
Term Life Policy – Sample Monthly Premiums – Non-smoker life insurance rates


42-year-old Female Standard Health Category
Term Life Policy – Sample Monthly Premiums – Non-smoker


Life insurance at 42

These figures are not what your exact premium will be. We are just trying to get you in the ball park of what your life insurance costs will look like. You may even pay higher premiums if you choose a no exam life insurance policy. We are ready to get you started right away. Ogletree Financial Service has the knowledge, experience and personal attention to detail to get you the peace of mind that your family’s financial future is secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is term life insurance for a 42 year old?

Your premium will depend on your rating with the life insurance carrier. They will look at your age, build, health, and other factors to determine which class you will fall into. An independent life insurance agent can provide you with quotes from several different carriers.

At what age should you get life insurance?

The younger the better, ideally age 35 and under. It is possible to get life insurance at almost any age. An independent life insurance agent can provide you with quotes.

What is the cost of a $500,000 term life insurance policy?

A sample premium for a 20 year term policy on a 42-year old female in the standard non-tobacco health class is $65.66 per month.

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