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Cost of life insurance in my 50s

Reviewed By: Rob Pinner

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Life insurance at 51 is an important decision for your family’s financial future. If you were to pass unexpectedly, you wouldn’t want your loved ones to be strapped with financial headache in addition to such a difficult emotional loss.

Also, life insurance at 51 is not as expensive as many clients fear, especially if you are in excellent health and can qualify for a preferred or preferred plus health category. We present some sample life insurance premium quotes later in this article to show just how affordable the life insurance coverage you and your family need can be.

Let’s quickly cover some basic questions that clients new to life insurance often ask:

What is term versus permanent life insurance?
Why do I need life insurance?
How much life insurance do I need?
How much will my life insurance cost?

Just a few minutes of reading here. Skim through and anyone unfamiliar with life insurance will have some of the basic facts at hand. There will be more questions for sure and Ogletree Financial Services has the answers.

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What is term versus permanent insurance?

Term and permanent are the two main kinds of life insurance policies. Of course, they both carry the basic premise of life insurance, the death benefit. This is the amount paid to your beneficiaries upon your death and is also referred to as the face value of your policy.

Term life insurance pays the death benefit of your policy for the length of the insurance contract, or the term. Term insurance policies are usually purchased for financial obligations that will eventually go away. A good example is a mortgage. If you have a 30-year mortgage on your house, you might purchase a 30-year deceasing term policy that has a death benefit that decreases with the balance of your loan.

Permanent Life insurance does not expire, as long as you pay your premiums. No matter when you pass away, your policy will pay its death benefit to your beneficiaries.

What’s more, with permanent life insurance, part of your premium goes to an interest-earning cash account. This aspect of permanent policies, such as indexed universal life (IUL), open up a whole world of uses your life insurance policy known as living benefits.


Why do I need life insurance?

Life insurance at 51 is the best way to attain the peace of mind that those dear to you will be taken care of if you pass unexpectedly. You work hard to provide for your family and take pride in the standard of living you sustain for them. The basic purpose of life insurance coverage is to ensure that the financial responsibilities you maintain in your life will be preserved after you are gone. 

Income replacement is a primary consideration. Chances are, your family will need some level of supplemental income after you are gone to maintain the lifestyle you intend for them to enjoy. Term insurance, and permanent, can be employed in a variety of ways to take care of this important issue.

If you decide to buy a house, you may use life insurance to insure your mortgage. A mortgage or other large debt is often insured this way to make sure your loved ones or business associates are not burdened by your debt after you are gone.

Indexed Universal Life for Mortgage Protection?

Do you plan to send your children to college after they graduate from high school? The expense of higher education is unbelievably large these days, and rising. Many people use their life insurance coverage to make sure their children will be able to afford to attend college, no matter what may happen to them.

If you are interested in permanent life insurance, check out this article, “4 key features of Indexed Universal Life for College Planning

If you are a partner in a small business, a life insurance policy may be a good way to protect that business. If someone dies unexpectedly and a business is not prepared, financial woe for the business and the deceased’s family could result.


Life insurance for a 51 year old Funding buy sell agreements with indexed universal life insurance” is a great article we have about permanent life insurance and business partnerships.

There are many other ways that term and permanent life insurance coverage can as act as a financial tool and safety net for you and your family. If you have any question about your needs, please give us call at Ogletree Financial Services. We can help!



How much life insurance do I need?

This is the point at which the assistance of an expert independent agent is necessary. What we will do here is look at a very basic approach to determining how much life insurance you will need. After that, we will show you some sample quotes to round out this basic introduction to life insurance.

If you are only interested in a life insurance policy to cover your final expenses and maybe leave a small sum to help your family, you may only be talking about a $50,000 or $75,000 face value. Term insurance for this amount is extremely affordable. It is possible for a 51-year-old woman to get a $50,000 15-year term policy for less than $25 a month.

Many think of life insurance as a way to leave a “nest egg” for their family. This money will then earn interest that can act as a steady income flow to your loved ones. Calculating the income your family would require is a whole other article. Or a meeting with your independent agent.

Let’s at least get in the ballpark. You can multiply your present yearly income by a factor anywhere from 15 to 25 or more. Or divide the yearly income your family would require by the interest rate you are confident your life insurance benefit, your family’s nest egg, would earn every year. The basic idea in each case is pretty much the same.

For example, let’s say you decide your family would need their nest egg to earn $20,000 in interest every year. If we choose a very conservative interest rate of 4% the math is: $20,000 ÷ 0.04 = $500,000. Now, we haven’t even considered college expenses yet and large debts are usually covered with a separate low-premium policy.

Also, note that the initial $500,000 nest egg is left intact to address any other expenses your family may have.

Next, a little about cost considerations for life insurance at 51 and the next step is to connect with a qualified independent agent. Ogletree Financial Services can help.


How much will my life insurance cost?

If you are in fine health, then life insurance at 51 will be very affordable. Reach out to the experts at Ogletree Financial Services and assured that you will pay the lowest premium available for the life insurance you and your family need. We do business with over thirty top insurers and we can pair your particular risk with the best life insurance carrier for you and your family.

We have four tables here with sample monthly premiums for a non-smoking, 51-year-old male and female. The sample quotes shown here are for term life insurance. There is a table for a preferred plus non smoker risk rating and one for a standard risk rating.  We have not quoted no exam rates here.

Term lengths of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years, with face values of $100,000, $250,000, $500,00 and $1,000,000 are shown. These are only sample premiums, your premium will be based on how your unique risk is assessed. These sample quotes were gathered in July of 2016.

51-year-old Male Preferred Plus Health Category
Term Life Policy – Sample Monthly Premiums – Non-smoker

  $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
10-year $17.56 $29.97 $51.41 $94.18
15-year $21.02 $37.11 $65.65 $120.58
20-year $25.69 $46.51 $86.85 $164.70
25-year $39.53 $71.66 $133.79 $254.97
30-year $44.55 $83.04 $156.84 $304.57

  $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
10-year $27.73 $58.95 $107.14 $190.65
15-year $34.04 $67.72 $128.14 $239.09
20-year $41.26 $85.88 $163.67 $309.31
25-year $64.40 $135.97 $246.66 $472.85
30-year $70.17 $149.54 $291.11 $562.60

51-year-old Female Preferred Plus Health Category
Term Life Policy – Sample Monthly Premiums – Non-smoker

  $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
10-year $14.44 $24.78 $42.73 $76.03
15-year $16.36 $28.89 $51.81 $92.45
20-year $21.80 $35.81 $64.79 $123.18
25-year $28.96 $54.23 $98.80 $191.62
30-year $33.60 $62.31 $114.54 $218.82

51-year-old Female Standard Health Category
Term Life Policy – Sample Monthly Premiums – Non-smoker

  $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
10-year $22.84 $41.00 $76.03 $133.44
15-year $26.52 $50.88 $94.63 $175.94
20-year $32.23 $64.31 $121.89 $228.99
25-year $47.16 $99.01 $186.29 $353.85
 30-year $51.62 $107.97 $209.87 $410.20

Life insurance at 51

There is a lot to consider. Getting life insurance at 51 can be a complicated process. If you know this is the move you need to make, then don’t delay. We can get you started toward financial security for your family right away!

Getting started is easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is term life insurance for a 51-year old?

The premium will depend on several factors including age, health, and build. An independent life insurance agent can provide you with quotes from several different life insurance carriers.

At what age should you get life insurance?

The younger the better, ideally 35 or under. It is possible to get life insurance at almost any age, health permitting. An independent life insurance agent can provide you with quotes.

What is the cost of a $500,000 term life insurance policy?

A sample premium for a 20-year term life insurance policy on a 51-year old female in the standard non-tobacco health class is $121.89 per month.

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