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Life insurance at 52

Life insurance at 52

Reviewed By: Rob Pinner

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Life insurance at 52 is an important financial decision for your family. You have worked hard to support your loved ones and you want to protect the financial future of those who rely on you and your income. Life insurance coverage is the best way to get the peace of mind you desire.

Worried about the cost? If you are in good health, life insurance at 52 is very affordable. If you have health issues, don’t fret. Ogletree Financial Services can guide you to the carrier that will best meet your life insurance needs at the lowest possible premium.


How much life insurance do I need in my 50s This article is a primer. Four basic questions about life insurance will be answered as briefly as possible. Next are some sample quotes to give you an idea of how you can easily fit life insurance coverage into your tight family budget.

What is term versus permanent life insurance?
Why do I need life insurance?
How much life insurance do I need?
How much will my life insurance cost?

Okay, here we go. Just a few minutes of reading and you will be ready to get in touch with an independent agent and let Ogletree Financial Services lead you and your family to financial security. Only basic questions about life insurance are addressed here, and very briefly. If you have any questions, give us call at 1-800-712-8519, or send us a note via our contact page. We are always ready to help.

What is term versus permanent life insurance?

This is a good one to get out of the way first. These are the basic types of life insurance and both provide the basic premise of life insurance, the death benefit. If you die while your policy is in effect, your beneficiaries will receive the benefit, or face value, of your policy

As long as you pay your premiums, permanent life insurance never expires. Term life insurance on the other hand, has a defined length of contract, the term.

This could be 5, 10, 15, or 20 years or more. Term insurance is often purchased for a financial obligation that will pass at some time in the future. If you would like to insure yourself until your children graduate from college, and your youngest is 11, then you might be looking at a 15-year policy.

The other big difference between term and permanent life insurance are the interest-earning cash accounts associated with permanent policies. Beyond the death benefit, permanent life insurance policies generate tax-sheltered interest, creating a cash account and variety of “living benefits” not available with term insurance.

The quotes we’ll be showing you here are for term insurance, but look for a few links to articles about indexed universal life (IUL) that relate to the coverage needs we are talking about here.

Why do I need life insurance?

The very basics would be your funeral costs and final expenses. But, if anyone relies on you financially, then you probably need to consider much more when deciding on your life insurance coverage. Replacing the income you provide your family is usually the first priority.

If you plan on sending your children to college, that is another financial obligation you will want to consider. If you have a large debt or you will be entering into a mortgage, life insurance is a good way to protect your loved ones from being burdened with this financial commitment.


Are interested you in permanent life insurance options? If so, check out these articles:

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If you are a partner in a small business, you may want to consider life insurance. If a partner dies unexpectedly, financial woes often ensue for the business and the deceased’s family. Life insurance can provide a solution to this unfortunate dilemma.


Funding buy sell agreements with indexed universal life insurance

These are just the basics. If you have any questions, give us call at 1-800-712-8519, or send us a message via our contact page. At Ogletree Financial Services, we are always ready to help.

How much life insurance do I need?

At this point, you pretty much need to be talking to an independent agent who can ask you the right questions and accurately assess the life insurance needs of you and your family.

When it comes to college education expenses, there is a laundry list of variables to contemplate. Public or private? 4-year or 2-year? In-state or out-of-state. Tuition and books or a full ride? You get the idea.

A mortgage is often covered with a separate policy, decreasing term insurance, where the face value (benefit paid to your beneficiaries) of your policy tracks the outstanding balance of your debt.

Again, income replacement is a primary consideration. This issue is properly handled in consultation with your independent agent, but we’ll do some ballpark calculations here to give you a basic idea of how much coverage you may interested in.

You may consider life insurance as a way to bequeath a “nest egg” to your family. This inheritance will then generate interest that can serve as a reliable income flow for your loved ones. Determining the income your family would need is another article altogether. Or a discussion with an independent agent.

One basic way to get started is to multiply your yearly income by a factor that can range from 15 to 25 or more. Alternatively, but similarly, you can divide the yearly income your family would require in your absence by an interest rate you are sure your life insurance benefit could earn every year.

For example, let’s say you determine that your family would require their nest egg to generate $20,000 in interest each year. If we pick a conservative interest rate of 4% the math is: $20,000 ÷ 0.04 = $500,000.

Note that the nest egg is left intact and can be applied other family expenses such as your children’s education or your spouse’s retirement.

Alright then, a little about the cost of life insurance at 51 and your next step will be to get in touch with a qualified independent agent. Ogletree Financial Services can help.

How much will my life insurance cost?

If you are 52 and in good health you should have no trouble fitting life insurance coverage into your family budget. Reach out to the experts at Ogletree Financial Services and make sure. We consider over thirty top insurers when we appraise your unique life insurance risk and choose the ideal life insurance company for you and yours.

We have four tables set up here with some sample monthly premiums for a non-smoking, 46-year-old male and female. The sample quotes shown here are for term life insurance. There is a table for a preferred plus risk rating and one for a standard risk rating, notice we do not include no exam life insurance rates in these charts.

Term lengths of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years, with face values of $100,000, $250,000, $500,00 and $1,000,000 are shown. These are only sample premiums, your premium will be based on how your unique risk is assessed. These sample non smoker life insurance quotes were gathered in July of 2016.

52-year-old Male Preferred Plus Health Category
Term Life Policy – Sample Monthly Premiums – Non-smoker


52-year-old Male Standard Health Category
Term Life Policy – Sample Monthly Premiums – Non-smoker


52-year-old Female Preferred Plus Health Category
Term Life Policy – Sample Monthly Premiums – Non-smoker


52-year-old Female Standard Health Category
Term Life Policy – Sample Monthly Premiums – Non-smoker


Life insurance at 52

Hopefully you are now a little more comfortable with the ins and outs of life insurance coverage and riders like critical illness insurance benefits. Get in touch with Ogletree Financial Services today and take the first step towards the peace of mind that your loved ones are financially secure.

Getting started is easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is term life insurance for a 52-year old?

Your premiums will depend on your age, build, health, and other factors. An independent life insurance agent can provide you with quotes from several different carriers.

At what age should you get life insurance?

The younger the better, ideally 35 and under. It is possible to get life insurance at almost any age, health permitting. An independent life insurance agent can provide you with quotes.

What is the cost of a $500,000 term life insurance policy?

A sample premium for a 20-year term policy on a 52-year old male in the standard non-tobacco health class is $179.40 per month.

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