best auto insurance for Mercedes Benz

Best Auto Insurance for Mercedes Benz

Typically, auto insurance for high-end vehicles like Mercedes and BMW cost much more because of the costs (parts and labor) associated with repairing and replacing luxury vehicles. For example, one might assume that the cost to replace a radiator on a Mercedes shouldn’t be any higher than the cost for a radiator on a Buick,.. More

life insurance for seniors

Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance For Seniors

Life insurance is one of the best purchases that you’ll ever make for your loved ones. But what about once you’ve reached retirement age. Do you still need a life insurance plan? Are they affordable options for coverage? Finding the right life insurance plan can be hard if you are a senior. It can be.. More

Foresters Life Insurance Company Review

Foresters Life Insurance | Company Review

Organized as a fraternal benefit society, Foresters Life Insurance Company is not your run-of-the-mill life insurance provider. Offering life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and other financial products to its members, this Toronto based insurance behemoth answers to its membership (policyholders) rather than Wall Street. To provide products and services in multiple countries, Foresters Financial currently.. More

How much Life Insurance do I need

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Aside from ensuring that you have the perfect insurance policy to fit your needs, it’s vital that you have enough coverage for you and your loved ones. Not having enough life insurance could leave your family with thousands of dollars of debts and other expenses that they don’t have the money to pay for. The.. More

best homeowners insurance companies for 2019

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies for 2019

Homeowners Insurance, it’s one of those things you have to deal with even before you close on your home. If you are going to mortgage your home purchase, you have to have homeowners insurance before you come to closing. No discussion, period. The good thing and bad about insurance companies that offer homeowner’s insurance is.. More

life insurance medical exam

Tips To Help You Pass Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

I can’t tell you how often my clients underestimate the importance of their life insurance medical exam.  Don’t take the exam lightly.  A little preparation can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the policy. While there may not be much you can do regarding chronic medical conditions prior to your exam, there.. More

best auto insurance companies for 2019

The Best Auto Insurance Companies | Rates and Value

Over time, we’ve found that the best car insurance companies share many of the same traits when it comes to ease-of-purchase, customer service claims service, and pricing. One other trait they share is they do not have as many complaints posted about them on the internet. Certainly, we can’t believe everything we read on the.. More

Ameritas Life Insurance

Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation | Company Review

Although Ameritas has been around since the late 1800s, many U.S. consumers are unaware of this insurance company and how far they’ve come. Originally established in 1887 as Old Line Bankers Life Company of Nebraska, like many insurers, purchases and buyouts have transformed the company into Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation which is now owned by.. More

Lincoln Review

Lincoln Financial Group | Lincoln National Life Insurance Review updated for 2019

Life insurance is an integral part of most any complete financial plan. That’s because the proceeds that are received from these financial vehicles can be used for a wide variety of needs by loved ones and survivors, such as the payoff of debt and/or the ongoing payment of living expenses. In addition, life insurance can.. More