is critical illness insurance worth it

Is Critical Illness Insurance Really Worth The Cost?

What would happen if you were diagnosed with a serious medical condition?  Would your health care insurance cover all of your expenses?  Out-of-pocket medical costs are rising, so purchasing a policy that covers those expenses that might not be covered by your health insurance seems like the logical choice. These policies are known as critical.. More

the basics of critical illness insurance

Critical Illness Insurance For Beginners

According to a recent publications, Americans are living longer as the rates of death from heart attack, cancer and strokes are declining. Despite the fact that mortality rates have fallen for many serious medical conditions, critical illnesses and the out-of-pocket expenses related to them can easily lead someone into bankruptcy. If you do not have.. More

Top Ten Insurance companies offering Critical Illness Insurance

Which Insurance Companies offer Critical Illness Insurance

Nearly every single person has been touched by a critical illness at some point in their lives, either directly or to someone they know.  This can amount to an enormous financial burden as the bills continue to accumulate.  Medical bills aside, expenses required for daily living continue as well, such as insurance premiums, vehicle payments,.. More

what is critical illness insurance

Should You Consider Critical Illness Insurance?

If you’re one of the fortunate ones, you’ve never considered whether you should purchase critical illness insurance.  Quite possibly, you may not even know what it is.  Most policyholders believe they’re fully covered with their standard health insurance policy, however, the outrageous costs of treating critical illnesses are most often well beyond what their plan.. More

Life insurance at 39

Life Insurance at 39

At 39, you can still get very affordable life insurance rates. Life insurance premiums rise more and more steeply as you get older and any health issues you may develop will also ramp up your life insurance costs. If you’ve been thinking about buying life insurance, but you haven’t made the commitment, we highly suggest.. More

Life insurance at 74

Life insurance at 74

Health issues are very common as we get older, so the risk to your loved ones is becoming greater. Life insurance at 74 could be more affordable than you think, and often a short term policy with a small face value and reasonable premiums can meet the life insurance needs of someone in their seventies… More

critical illness insurance

Critical Illness Insurance – Just the Facts

Critical illness such as heart attack, cancer or stroke can strike any of us at anytime. Most of us will survive this critical event and go on to live a full life. Critical illness insurance can pay a lump sum cash benefit at your first diagnosis of a covered illness. These cash benefit dollars can.. More

Life insurance at 35

Life Insurance at 35

Many couples first seriously consider life insurance in their mid-thirties. You are old enough now to know that unexpected tragedy is a reality you want to be prepared for. Building a future for your family is the most important thing you do and you want to make certain that the future you envision for your.. More

chronic illness benefits

What Is Critical Illness Insurance and Chronic Illness Insurance?

If you were to be diagnosed with a chronic or critical illness would you have the resources available to make certain that you and your family can manage your disease financially? Even if you have the best health insurance in the marketplace, have you thought about the related financial costs that come with a debilitating.. More