variable universal life insurance

Top Choices for Cheap Life Insurance

Believe it or not, when you consider what you get for what you pay, life insurance is one of the few bargains in the marketplace. Think about it, a 30-year old male can start a $500,000 Term Life insurance policy for about $20 and then die the day after it’s issued, and his beneficiary will.. More

What is a 1035 Exchange

What is a 1035 Exchange?

Most insurance professionals must deal from time to time with a client or prospective client that has a life insurance, annuity, or endowment policy that is no longer a good fit for them. When this situation arises, the insured can exercise a 1035 exchange to a new policy.  This means they can transfer all of.. More

CMFG Life Insurance

CMFG Life Insurance – Company Review

Columbian Mutual Financial Group (CMFG) which is a subsidiary of Columbian Mutual Life has roots that go back more than 130 years now. This financial conglomerate has always targeted and serviced hard-working families to help them manage their everyday financial needs. The company originally started out as the American Protective Association and operated from their.. More

USAA life insurance

USAA Life Insurance – Company Review

Certainly, when considering life insurance for you and your family, premiums will play a major role in your purchase decision. However, price alone should not be the only factor that impacts your buying decision. Most U.S insurers receive positive ratings from insurance watchdogs but it’s still important that you are careful about who you choose.. More

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The Infinite Banking Concept | Becoming Your Own Banker

The Infinite Banking Concept enables individuals, families, and businesses to develop financial independence by becoming your own banker. This concept was implemented by R. Nelson Nash in the early 1980s when he was dealing with unfavorable interest rates on several commercial loans. The story is that Mr. Nash experienced an epiphany when he suddenly realized.. More

mortgage protection insurance

The Complete Guide to Mortgage Protection Insurance

If you have recently closed on a home loan, it’s likely that you’ve received several notices about Mortgage Protection Insurance. Did you read them or throw them away? If you opened your letters, you are probably curious about this insurance called “Mortgage Protection Insurance” and have ended up online to get more information. Wouldn’t it.. More

the term life insurance option

The Term Life Insurance Conversion Option

With Term Life Insurance rates being lower than ever before, there’s no wonder that so many policies are sold today, especially for consumers who need a very large death benefit in order to replace their income. Term life insurance rates are much lower than whole life, indexed universal life and universal life because the mortality.. More

indexed universal life

Best life Insurance Companies for Indexed Universal Life in 2019?

Indexed universal life insurance was created back in 1997 by Transamerica.  We now have more than 20 years of IUL history to draw from. We are still excited about using indexed universal life insurance as a way to accumulate cash on a tax-deferred basis and take an income stream on a tax-free basis. We have.. More

Washington National Review

Washington National Insurance Company Review

Beginning in 1911, Washington National Insurance Company has been diligent in protecting families from the financial burden that often accompanies accidents, critical illnesses, and death.  Their supplemental health and life insurance plans are available to provide you and your family with peace of mind.   Washington National requires that their employees embrace the company’s key.. More