Low cost life insurance

Low Cost Life insurance at 44

At Ogletree Financial Services we deal with many clients in their early forties. Protecting your family and the life you are building together is now a priority. Getting life insurance at 44 is a smart move and you are in the right place to learn the basics and get in touch with a professional today!…
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Instant life insurance

Instant Life insurance at 43

Many people feel the need for life insurance in their early forties. You are proud of the quality of life you are providing for your loved ones. If you were to die unexpectedly, all your hard work could go to waste. Your family could be left financially and emotionally devastated. Life insurance at 43 is…
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life insurance at 42

Easy Life insurance at 42

You have reached your early forties and realize that you need life insurance. Your family and your responsibilities are growing and if something were to happen to you, your loved one’s finances would be devastated. Life insurance at 42 is a smart move to protect the quality of life you work hard to provide for…
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Life insurance at 79

Life insurance at 41 [It’s not too Late]

You are 41 years old and thinking, “I need life insurance for my family, for my peace of mind.” Your kids are in grade school and business is good. You and your spouse have worked hard and it beginning to pay off. But if the unthinkable were to happen where would this leave your loved…
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702(j) retirement plan

1035 Exchange to the Rescue [Best Proven Insurance Hack]

The IRS allows you to exchange a life insurance policy that you own for a new life insurance policy without having to pay any tax on the gain as long as the insured and the owner remain the same on both policies.  This is referred to as a 1035 exchange and can be a huge…
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life insurance industry under investigation

Life Insurance Industry Under Investigation. What did Lesley Stahl at 60 Minutes Teach Us?

Why is The Life Insurance Industry Under Investigation? I got a text from one of my clients Sunday night.  They had just watched the report that Lesley Stahl did on 60 Minutes – Life insurance industry under investigation.   I had missed the 60 Minutes story but was able to Google it and get the details. …
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Insurance for real estate agents

The Best Life insurance for Real Estate Agents

By Holly Mitchell I am a retired real estate agent, who is now in the insurance industry, and now know how important Life insurance for real estate agents can be.  A recent internet search of “Life insurance for real estate agents” turned up basically nothing!  I honestly was shocked that this market has not been…
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Life insurance with high blood pressure

Affordable Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure – We can Prove It!

Cheap life insurance with high blood pressure? Absolutely! We often get standard and even preferred and preferred plus risk ratings for clients with high blood pressure. The most severe and uncontrolled cases may pay higher life insurance premiums. ‘Control’ is the magic word for getting the best life insurance rates if you have what life…
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Roth IRA

Imagine what you didn’t know about a Roth IRA

Most of you out there have heard about a Roth IRA. It is one of the most popular retirement savings options available today. When you set up a Roth IRA, your contributions are made with after-tax dollars and your withdrawals after 59 ½ are income tax-free. This is completely opposite from the traditional IRA where…
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