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Progressive Home Insurance

Progressive home insurance offices

Certainly, most people have heard of Progressive Auto Insurance because we are regularly greeted by Flo and Jamie who spend a lot of time hawking Progressive on TV.

They also remind us to “bundle” so that we can save money on home and auto insurance.

So then, it’s logical that consumers would want to know more about Progressive Home Insurance.

In this article, like many others you’ll find at, we will drill down and offer up the information you need if you plan to make an informed decision and use Progressive for your home insurance.


NOTE: We are not Progressive, if you need to speak with a company representative, you can call a local Progressive agent or call the corporate offices at 855-347-3939 or if you need to mail them something, you can do so at:

Progressive Insurance Home Office
6300 Wilson Mills Rd.
Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143

About Progressive Home Insurance

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Founded in 1937, Progressive has grown to be a significant player in the property and casualty insurance marketplace. They are one of the top-selling auto insurers and it will not be long before they rank at or near the top with Progressive homeowners insurance.

Prior to 2014, when you purchased Progressive’s home insurance, you were doing business with a third-party insurer but in 2014, Progressive purchased American Strategic Insurance which allows them to market their homeowners’ insurance across the U.S.

Becoming a homeowner insurance company also benefits the Progressive policyholder since the rates are set by Progressive (rather than a third party insurer) and claims are the sole responsibility of Progressive as well.


The Progressive Home Insurance Policy


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Unless you are buying or living in an unusual home like a very old historic home or a mansion on the coast, Progressive will use the HO3 form homeowners’ policy that contains a package of coverages that provide great coverage except for flood and earthquake.

The Progressive home insurance offering is interesting because they use the HO3 as their Base Policy, and then broaden the coverage limits for the HomeShield policy and then broaden it even more with the HomeShield Plus coverage.

The coverage differences between the Base Policy, HomeShield, and HomeShield Plus are associated with your personal property coverage, dwelling coverage, and other structure coverages.

On top of these three policy enhancements, Progressive home insurance also comes with some other bells and whistles that really help its homeowners’ coverage to stand out among the rest.

 Here are the coverages provided in a traditional HO3 Homeowners’ Insurance Policy: 


Type of CoverageWhat it CoversTypical Limit of CoverageDeductible Applied
DwellingCovers the structure of the home and any attached/built-in appliancesClaims are generally based on replacement cost of the home (land or lot not covered)Yes - Flat amount or % of structure value
Other StructuresCovers any structures on the property not attached to the house such as fences, barns, workshopsUsually 10% of dwelling limit. Can be increased if needed.Yes
Personal PropertyPersonal belongings inside and outside of your home50% of dwelling limit but can be increased or decreased as neededYes
Loss of UsePays for temporary relocation expenses while the home is under repair20% of dwelling limitYes
Personal LiabilityPays for medical expenses and legal expenses if found liability for injuries or property damage to a third-partyTypically available limits are $100,000 to $1 millionNo
Medical PaymentsPays medical expenses for third-party injuries regardless of faultTypical limits are $1,000 to $10,000No


 Here, we compare the Base Policy, HomeShield, and HomeShield Plus side-by-side: 


CoverageBasic PolicyHomeShieldHomeShield Plus
Replacement Cost DwellingNo ChangeExtended 25%Extended 50%
Personal PropertyActual Cash ValueReplacement CostReplacement Cost
Personal Injurynot coveredAdded to policyAdded to Policy
Ordinance or Law 10% of Coverage A10% of Coverage A25% of Coverage A
Water Backup Coveragenot covered$5,000 coverage$10,000
Loss Assessment Coverage$1,000$2,500$5,000
Securities Coverage$1,000$1,000$2,500
Jewelry or Furs$1,000$3,000$5,000
Art coverage$1,000$1,000$1,000
Bicycle Coverage$1,500$1,500$1,500
Electronics $2,000 all items$2,000 per item$2,000 per item
Theft of Tools$5,000$5,000$5,000


Additional Coverages from Progressive Home Insurance


Depending on the geographical area you live in, you’ll likely need additional coverages to better protect your home which for most homeowners, is their most valuable asset.

To accommodate your coverage needs, Progressive offers the following additional coverages:

  • Water backup coverage – this coverage, which helps pay for damage resulting from sewer backups, is especially important if you live in a neighborhood that has an old or outdated infrastructure.
  • Ordinance or law coverage – This coverage is triggered if your home must be rebuilt and certain new ordinances or laws are increasing estimated construction costs.
  • Personal Injury Coverage – This is not about bodily injury, rather, this coverage applies if you are found liable for slander, defamation, false arrest, imprisonment, or wrongful eviction.
  • Credit Cards – This coverage works on a reimbursement basis if someone uses your debit or credit card without your permission.
  • Identity Theft – Reimburses for expenses incurred to restore your stolen identity.
  • Earthquake Coverage – Can be endorsed onto your policy to cover damages due to an earthquake. A separate deductible will apply for this peril.



Progressive Home Insurance Discounts


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In many cases, discounts can be essential to reducing your cost of homeowners’ insurance. The discounts available on Progressive homeowners insurance are significant:

  • Bundling Discount – Probably the most popular discount is when you combine your purchase with Progressive home and auto and save up to 10% on each policy.
  • Pay-in-Full – When you pay your premium in full rather than monthly, Progressive will reward you with a discount of up to 20%.
  • Go Paperless – When you elect to receive bills and documents electronically Progressive saves money on each transaction. The discount for going paperless is rather small compared to other discounts but going paperless is convenient and saves you money.
  • Alarm and Safety Device – Applicants can earn additional discounts if the home has smoke, fire, burglar, or security alarms.
  • Quote in Advance – Spend a little time and get your quote at least 10 days before your coverage starts and Progressive will offer lower rates.


Progressive Home Insurance Claims Process


Progressive makes filing a claim very quick and easy for policyholders. You can call the claims department at (866) 274-5677 or go online to set up your claim 24/7, and don’t forget the Progressive App available for all cell phone users.

For catastrophic events, Progressive will likely have claims professionals staged in your area.


What Customers and former customers are saying about Progressive


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The best way to find out if Flo and Jamie at Progressive are as good as they claim, check out Progressive online to see what people are saying. Here’s what we found in less than 5 minutes:


  • ConsumerAffairs – 4 out of 5 stars (116 reviews)
  • NerdWallet – 3.5 out of 5 stars
  • WalletHub – 5 out of 5 stars (311 reviews)
  • Clearsurance – 4.1 out of 5 stars (12,256 reviews)


The Bottom Line


Whether you need auto, home, renters, or motorcycle insurance, Progressive is a great company to choose when it comes to claims service, customer service, and affordable rates.

If you prefer not to go through a local agent, you can simply take control and call them directly.

Progressive won’t be a great fit for everyone but the rankings and ratings demonstrate that a lot of people across America really like the company and its insurance products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Progressive actually own its homeowners insurance company?

Progressive home insurance offices

They didn’t use to. But, in 2014 Progressive purchased American Strategic Insurance Company. Although they continue to use thrird-party insurers for certain risks, most of their policies are written in-house.

How much does Progressive Home Insurance cost?

Your homeowner insurance rates depend largely on the geographic area you live in. If you live in Florida where there is a continuous risk of hurricane and sinkhole damage, your rates will be much higher than if you lived in Utah. The company’s rates are very competive, however, no matter which part of the country you call home,

Can I get a Progressive home insurance policy without an inspection?

Although you can get a policy started without an inspection, your insurer will eventually inspect your home and can adjust your rates or coverage as a result of the inspection.

Should I file a claim for the small stuff?

construction graphic

Anytime you have a claim that appears to be less, at, or even a little more than your deductible should be paid out of pocket. You can ask a handyman or home contractor for an estimate before contacting the claims department.

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