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QuoteWizard Auto Insurance Review

quotewizard auto insurance

QuoteWizard is a lead generation platform (marketplace) where auto insurance shoppers can get auto insurance rates from multiple highly-rated insurance companies.


The company has been around for 12 years now and insurance agents and agencies rely on lead generation programs like QuoteWizard for an ongoing supply of prospective insurance customers.


It’s important to note that QuoteWizard is not an insurance company or an insurance agency. They are an internet-based comparative rating service where consumers can compare multiple insurance companies side-by-side and then complete their insurance purchase with an agent or in some cases directly with the insurance company they’ve chosen.


NOTICE: We are not QuoteWizard. If you would like to speak with a QuoteWizard representative, you can contact them through email at


Which Companies does Quote Wizard Access?


For a comparative rating service to be a genuine service for insurance shoppers, they should have access to rating information from all of the major highly rated auto insurance carriers in the marketplace who do business in every state.

Not every insurer will allow QuoteWizard to publish (offer) insurance rates so if you don’t find a particular company, it has likely chosen not to be a member company for QuoteWizard.

Here are the auto insurance companies QuoteWizard lists on their website:


21st CenturyCountry FinancialLiberty Mutual
AAA InsuranceErie Insurance CompanyMercury Insurance
Allied InsuranceFarmers InsuranceNational General
American FamilyGEICOProgressive
American NationalInfinitySafe Auto
Amica MutualKemper InsuranceSafeco
State FarmThe GeneralThe Hartford


What about other kinds of Insurance?


When lead generation providers first hit the marketplace, they only offered auto insurance comparisons. This is because independent agencies that represented multiple carriers were already using comparative rating software.

It was not a leap for the internet lead companies to put that software online so that consumers could access it as well. As technology blossomed, comparative rating expanded to homeowners’ insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, and health insurance.

With today’s technology, most consumers can learn how much any type of insurance policy will cost before ever speaking with an agent.



How Does QuoteWizard Work?


quotewizard screenshot


First of all, it’s important to understand that any quote you receive online or even directly from an insurance company is not considered final until all the underwriting steps have been completed.

Auto insurance rates are based on several underwriting factors concerning the vehicle or vehicles you wish to insure and several underwriting factors about the owner(s) of the policy and every driver listed therein.

The QuoteWizard quoting process is quick and easy for the consumer but a little more time consuming for the agent who purchases your lead (this is how QuoteWizard makes money).


Here are the steps you’ll take to get comparative quotes from QuoteWizard:

  1. Log on to their website at
  2. Click on the type of insurance you are shopping for (in this case we’ll choose auto insurance).
  3. Enter your Zip Code in the box and then click “get quotes”
  4. On the next screen choose the model year of your vehicle
  5. Then choose the make of your vehicle from the list or click “other makes”
  6. Next, choose the model
  7. On the next screen, you can select if you want to add additional vehicles (we’ll choose “no”)
  8. The next screen asks about prior insurance
  9. Click on your CURRENT insurance company
  10. Click the # of years you’ve had that policy
  11. What’s your Gender? (male or female)
  12. Are you married?
  13. What’s your credit score?
  14. Do you own or rent?
  15. Do you want a renters insurance quote also? (we answered NO)
  16. The next screen is about the driving record of any driver you plan to list on the policy
  17. You’ll use the next 3 screens to enter your D.O.B.
  18. The next screen is for your name and contact (email) address
  19. Now enter in your street address and phone number and then (STOP)


STOP icon


Before you push the “Get My Auto Quotes” button you have to decide if you want to get tips and offers from Lending Tree, the parent company of QuoteWizard. Checking the box means you agree. If you don’t agree, leave it unchecked.


The text below the “Get My Auto Quotes” tells you (or warns you) what will happen after you push, tap, or click that magic quote button.

Here’s the actual disclaimer:


quotewizard disclaimer


Here’s what it really means:

I understand that by clicking the “Get My Auto Quotes” button, I agree to be contacted by phone, email, text, robocall, carrier pigeon, or smoke signal by anyone in the QuoteWizard or Lending Tree network forever until I contact QuoteWizard and beg you to stop. I understand that I will be contacted by up to eight insurance agents, agencies, insurance companies, or anyone else in the QuoteWizard/LendingTree organizations and their affiliates and their affiliates’ affiliates.

You also acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the QuoteWizard Web site’s Privacy Statement.

The QuoteWizard Web site privacy policy totals 2,386 words and is written in English and don’t forget, according to the disclaimer, you acknowledged that you read it, understand it, and agree to the terms and conditions therein.

If, however, if you cannot read English and have acknowledged that you did read and understand the document, a S.W.A.T. Team will arrive at your home shortly after you get your quote (that’s a joke)


The Pros and Cons of using QuoteWizard


pro and con icon


Certainly, QuoteWizard must offer a good service for insurance shoppers otherwise they would not still be in business for over 10 years. But, to be fair, every company that offers a product or service will have pros and cons and with QuoteWizard you’ll likely find out very quickly what they are.


  • Receive insurance quotes from all the major players fast and easy


  • You’ll be contacted by agents, insurance companies, and other interested parties until you scream at them to STOP.
  • Unless you contact QuoteWizard, your information will remain in their database forever. This means that the agents they sold your data to will have it also. This means that those agents will probably contact you at every renewal to see if you are still looking for insurance.



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