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the volatility shield

The Volatility Shield by David McKnight | Book Review

THE VOLATILITY SHIELD How to Vanquish the 4% Rule & Maximize Your Retirement Income A Financial Novella by David McKnight   If you are a fan of David McKnight’s THE POWER OF ZERO or LOOK BEFORE YOU LIRP, you will probably love learning about retirement planning by reading the Financial Novella, The Volatility Shield. We…
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look before you LIRP book review

Look Before You LIRP by David McKnight | Book Review

Look Before You LIRP Why All Life Insurance Retirement Plans are Not Created Equal, and How to Find the Right One for You by David McKnight   Look Before You LIRP is an important follow-up guide for those who read David McKnight’s previous book The Power of Zero and for anyone who wants to learn…
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the power of zero book review

The Power of Zero by David McKnight | Book Review

The Power of Zero – How to Get to the 0% Tax Bracket and Transform Your Retirement by David McKnight In the Power of Zero, David McKnight lays out a well-devised strategy that will accumulate sufficient wealth for retirement and enable a tax-free income stream. Mr. McKnight uses a “three-bucket” strategy for wealth accumulation that…
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