Life Insurance
American Amicable

American Amicable Group of Companies Review for 2019

American Amicable Insurance Company of Texas is a very unique life insurance company offering a full lineup of life insurance products.  We see American Amicable as a leader in the simplified issue marketplace. By simplified issue, we mean no medical exams are needed in order to qualify for life insurance. American Amicable can issue coverage…
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Why Banner Life Insurance Company? Review updated for 2019

Banner Life Insurance Company is also known as Legal and General and they do business in the state of New York as William Penn Life Insurance. Banner Life Insurance is headquartered in Urbana, Maryland and the company is owned by Legal and General America. Banner Life Insurance Company has been in the insurance industry for…
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premium deposit account

What is a Premium Deposit Account?

A Premium Deposit Account (also referred to as premium deposit fund) was designed for life insurance applicants who want to deposit a considerable amount of money in a life insurance policy that will earn interest and eliminate the possibility that the insurance policy could become a modified endowment contract (MEC). Since the PDA is a…
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survivorship life insurance

Survivorship Life Insurance | What, When, Why, and How?

Married couples have the option of buying individual life insurance policies or a joint policy known as survivorship or second-to-die life insurance. Although in most cases, an individual policy may be more appropriate, there are circumstances when survivorship life insurance is the better choice. Most people know what survivorship life insurance is, but are unsure…
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the volatility shield

The Volatility Shield by David McKnight | Book Review

THE VOLATILITY SHIELD How to Vanquish the 4% Rule & Maximize Your Retirement Income A Financial Novella by David McKnight   If you are a fan of David McKnight’s THE POWER OF ZERO or LOOK BEFORE YOU LIRP, you will probably love learning about retirement planning by reading the Financial Novella, The Volatility Shield. We…
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estate planning with life insurance

Estate Planning with Life Insurance

If you own anything, you have an estate; plain and simple. It doesn’t matter how valuable your estate is or how modest it may be, you have an estate that consists of various assets and you cannot take it with you when you die. If your estate is modest, like a car or home that…
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Zander Insurance Company Reivew

Zander Insurance | Company Review

First off, we are not Zander Insurance. This is our review of Zander life insurance agency. Most of the time when we publish insurance review articles, we focus on insurance companies and not insurance agencies. However, in this review article, we are going to drill-down into Zander Insurance, an insurance agency that provides multiple lines…
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modified endowment contract

Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) | The Ins and Outs

In the many articles we have provided regarding Indexed Universal Life Insurance, we have on many occasions mentioned modified endowment contracts but have not had an in-depth discussion. In this article, we are going to drill-down into the modified endowment contract (MEC) and discuss the ins and outs so that policyholders will understand whether a…
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how does life insurance work

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Most people have a vague idea of how life insurance works but generally they don’t understand the fundamentals of a life insurance contract and how the insurance company can make a profit when they are frequently paying out more than they’re taking in. To understand how life insurance companies profit from insurance contracts, you have…
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