IUL for Internists

Advantages and Disadvantages of IUL for Internists

Internists, commonly referred to as “family doctors,” generally enter start practicing medicine after completing their basic internal medicine training. Since they practice general internal medicine, these physicians are considered general internists that are equipped to take on a large spectrum of adult illnesses. Internists are primarily known for their ability to diagnose their patients and.. More

IUL for gynecologists

IUL for Gynecologists

Are your contribution restrictions on your retirement planning vehicles causing you to fall short of your wealth accumulation goals? Are you maxing out your 401k or IRA and still not saving and earning enough to guarantee a retirement lifestyle that you have been planning for? Would it interest you to know there is an investment.. More

IUL for pediatricians

Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) for Pediatricians

An Indexed Universal Life Insurance policy (IUL) is a permanent life insurance product with flexible premiums which contains a life insurance component and an investment component. Similar to other cash value life insurance, your premium is deposited in a cash account in your policy that is used to pay policy charges and fees, and then.. More

IUL for Dermatologists

IUL for Dermatologists | Yes or No?

Like most medical professionals, dermatologists frequently face challenges with retirement planning because of the restraints placed on traditional retirement vehicles by the IRS. Whether medical professionals are contributing to a 401k or IRA the annual limit on contributions will likely have a negative impact on reaching the financial goals needed to live the lifestyle you.. More

indexed universal life anesthesiologists

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) – Safe Solutions for Anesthesiologists

Many people who interact with an anesthesiologist (especially surgical patients) are not aware of how important their service is and that they are paid very well for keeping us asleep or numb during times of physical trauma. Anesthesiology is a specialty that requires considerable training and education. In most cases a candidate for this specialty.. More

life insurance retirement plan

A LIRP Is a Life Insurance Retirement Plan

A LIRP is a life insurance retirement plan that provides you with the tax-free advantages of a Roth IRA without all of the hassles.  As Americans watch the national debt  spiral further out of control, there’s a growing sense of dread.  In fact, as of May 2019, our nation has gone from a budget surplus.. More

IUL for cardiologists

IUL for Cardiologists

Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) is just one of many vehicles that are used in a comprehensive retirement plan. Yes, the IUL product is a life insurance product, but most of our physician clients who purchase an IUL, do so for retirement planning. Here, we’ll consider IUL for Cardiologists. We find in many cases that.. More

Indexed Universal Life for Physicians

Indexed Universal Life Insurance for Physicians

High-income professionals like our physician clients have distinctive challenges to deal with when planning and saving for retirement. Most of our physician clients express their intent to live a lifestyle similar to the lifestyle they enjoyed when their practices started flourishing and the loans that were required to establish their practice were finally paid off… More