Homeowners Insurance
what does an HO-8 policy cover

What does an HO-8 Policy Cover?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies are for homes built within the last 40 years. Homes in this age range tend to be relatively stable and relatively low-risk, so a normal HO-3 or HO-5 policy is usually good enough for protection. Older houses, though, need special insurance protection If your home is old or made from materials…
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what is flood insurance

What is Flood Insurance?

If you take a look at most of the standard homeowner’s insurance policies—HO-1, HO-3, and HO-5, you likely notice that most of them are curiously absent of what might seem like a significant peril—floods. Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not include flood protection as part of the package. In cases where flood protection is…
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what does an HO-7 policy cover

What does an HO-7 Policy Cover?

If you own a mobile or manufactured home, then you need a particular type of homeowner’s insurance. You need an HO-7 policy. Things like HO-1, HO-3 and HO-5 insurance policies are for homeowners, and HO-4 and HO-6 plans are for renters and condo owners, respectively. Those with mobile homes or manufactured homes are required to…
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what does an HO-6 policy cover

What does an HO-6 Policy Cover?

If you own a condo, then you most likely have some kind of HO-6 insurance policy. HO-6 policies, also called condo insurance, are specifically designed for insuring single-unit condos and providing liability coverage. If you own a condo but do not have HO-6 insurance, then your condo can be at great risk. We are going…
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what does an HO-4 policy cover

What does an HO-4 Policy Cover?

There are several different types of homeowner’s insurance each of which offers different levels of protection and coverage. An HO-4 homeowner’s insurance plan, also called renter’s insurance, protects a renter’s personal property and liability. If you rent a condo, apartment, townhome, or home, and have insurance, then you likely have an HO-4 policy. HO-4 insurance…
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what does an HO2 policy cover

What does an HO-2 Policy Cover?

Those who own a residence need homeowner’s insurance. There are several types of homeowners insurance policies. We are going to cover HO-2 policies and talk about what kind of coverage and benefits they offer homeowners.   What Is an HO-2 Policy?   In a nutshell, an HO-2 policy plan is a tier of homeowner’s insurance…
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what does an HO-5 policy cover

What does an HO-5 Policy Cover?

For most homeowners who want adequate insurance protection, an HO-3 homeowner’s insurance policy is the typical choice. HO-3 policies offer a good range of coverage for your home and possessions. However, for those who want more protection, there are HO-5 policy plans. HO-5 plans are truly comprehensive and cover both your home and possessions under…
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what does an HO1 policy cover

What does an HO-1 Policy Cover?

If you are planning on buying a house, then you will most likely need to buy homeowners insurance. Given that your home is probably one of if not the single largest financial investment you will make, you want to make sure you are protected from risks like storms, injuries, theft, damage, and more.   Homeowners…
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what is a dwelling policy

What are DP Insurance Policies

When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, there are two major types of policies: homeowner’s policies and dwelling policies. Homeowner’s policies are for homeowners who live in their primary residence and include plans like HO-3 and HO-5 policies. Dwelling policies, on the other hand, are for a property that is not occupied by the owner. Since…
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