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A Cash value life insurance product, designed to help savers like you accumulate money and receive a tax-free income stream in retirement while also providing a death benefit for your family.

There is no way we can predict how the stock market will perform in the future.  We can however make sure you don’t lose your hard-earned savings because of stock market losses.  An indexed universal life insurance policy can be a great way to save for your future retirement income needs. 

What an Indexed Universal Life insurance policy offers

Six key benefits that an IUL delivers and why you may want to consider an IUL as part of your long term income and legacy planning. When structured properly for cash value accumulation, an IUL policy can generate tax-free income, opportunity for your cash to grow based on certain stock market indexes, protect your money from market risk, provide a legacy for your family and provide additional funds for your medical cost in aging.

Legacy for your Family

Like all life insurance policies, IUL provides a tax free death benefit for your family when you die.

Power of Indexing

The cash value in your policy grows through indexing. Indexing is a way to earn interest credits based on a portion of the rise of a stock market index, while also protecting your money if there is a drop in the stock market. Once the interest on your money is credited, it is protected from losing value when the stock market declines in value.

Tax-free distributions in Retirement

In addition to the tax-free death bene¬fit for your bene¬ficiaries, the cash value of an IUL policy grows tax free and can generally be accessed tax free as well. You will not owe any taxes on funds you access from a properly-structured IUL policy through policy loans, which is the way we will design your policy.

Access to your money without a Market Value Adjustment

With IUL, your cash value is available to you without adjustment based on the outside market. Because many indexing strategies have a floor of 0%, when the stock market index is down, your credited policy cash value will not decline. You can access your money at full value regardless of your age.

No IRS Constraints like a 401k or IRA

You will fund your IUL with after tax dollars, your money grows inside your policy tax-deferred and you receive tax-free distributions from your policy. There is no limit on the size of your policy contribution. Our clients vary in contribution level and some even put in excess of $1 Million per year.

Additional benefits for medical costs of aging

The IUL policies that we offer include living benefits. These benefits allow you to access a portion of the death benefit without having to die. Living benefits can help pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars you may need to spend while in retirement.

Important Riders (policy add-ons) that can create additional value in your policy

Loan Protection Rider

The loan protection rider protects your IUL policy from unintentional lapse due to an outstanding policy loan.

Premium Deposit Account

A premium deposit account allows for you to fund your IUL policy with a lump sum premium. The account holds your funds that will earn interest while waiting to be deposited into your IUL policy. 

Waiver of specified premium rider

If the insured of the IUL policy is disabled for six months prior to their 65th birthday, the company will credit the premiums to your policy up to 100%.

Common questions about indexed universal life insurance.

Indexed universal life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy that not only pays a death benefit but also allows for the policyowner to accumulate cash and earn interest based on certain stock market performance without the downside risk of actually investing in the stock market.

Anyone with a need for life insurance. An IUL policy is ideal for those who want to add to their current financial strategy and build up a tax-free income stream.  We will advise that an IUL strategy shouldn’t be your one and only plan but as a supplement to a sound retirement strategy.

It isn’t so much “How much does it cost” it is more about plan design.  Since the main goal of most IUL plans is for cash value accumulation, we reverse engineer your policy.  In our design we take the amount of money you want to save on a regular basis and determine the least amount of life insurance needed to stay within IRS guidelines and keep your policy from becoming a modified endowment contract (MEC).  The lower amount of life insurance death benefit the lower your policy fees and costs allowing for more cash value growth.

As your policies cash value grows, you are able to access this cash through policy loans from the insurance company.  Loans are not taxable. Loans do not need to be repaid either.  Our plan design will find the max policy loans available to you based on contribution amount, timeline and age.  The loans will be recouped from the death benefit when you die.  Your beneficiaries receive the net death benefit after loans are paid off.  You get to spend your money and give it away too.

There is more than one way to provide for the ones you love

Your payments  (premiums) Payout for loved ones (death benefit) Builds cash value Guaranteed cash value growth Potential earnings (dividends5) Market growth potential May go from temporary to permanent
Term Life Remains level for a period of time you select, then increases over time
Whole Life Always the same amount
Universal Life Can be adjusted In some cases Guaranteed minimum interest credited
Indexed Universal Life Can be adjusted Cash value growth subject to market growth

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