Indexed Universal Life Insurance
IUL for cardiologists

IUL for Cardiologists

Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) is just one of many vehicles that are used in a comprehensive retirement plan. Yes, the IUL product is a life insurance product, but most of our physician clients who purchase an IUL, do so for retirement planning. Here, we’ll consider IUL for Cardiologists. We find in many cases that…
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Indexed Universal Life for Physicians

Indexed Universal Life Insurance for Physicians

High-income professionals like our physician clients have distinctive challenges to deal with when planning and saving for retirement. Most of our physician clients express their intent to live a lifestyle similar to the lifestyle they enjoyed when their practices started flourishing and the loans that were required to establish their practice were finally paid off.…
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Kai-Zen premium financing

Kai-Zen Premium Financing

Kai-Zen (meaning change for good) is a strategic method that enables you to continue a lifestyle that you enjoy if you were to unexpectedly come down with a chronic or critical illness, unexpectedly die, or are unable to save enough money for a comfortable retirement. In many cases, traditional retirement plans that are generally limited…
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LIRP index options

IUL versus Whole Life | Product Comparison

As investors become more conservative after so much volatility in the market, many are turning to a tax-deferred saving strategy which typically leads to a cash value life insurance product. Life insurance products like Whole Life insurance and Indexed Universal Life (IUL) have begun to establish a significant foothold in the marketplace even though there…
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indexed universal life vs 401k

Roth IRA vs. Indexed Universal Life | What’s the Best Choice?

Every financial planner you speak with is going to be adamant about how retirement planning is critical for all of us to maintain our financial security and plan for a standard of living that is realistic. And, we can certainly agree that the majority of Americans are concerned to some extent that they will be…
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What is a 1035 Exchange

What is a 1035 Exchange?

Most insurance professionals must deal from time to time with a client or prospective client that has a life insurance, annuity, or endowment policy that is no longer a good fit for them. When this situation arises, the insured can exercise a 1035 exchange to a new policy.  This means they can transfer all of…
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the term life insurance option

The Term Life Insurance Conversion Option

With Term Life Insurance rates being lower than ever before, there’s no wonder that so many policies are sold today, especially for consumers who need a very large death benefit in order to replace their income. Term life insurance rates are much lower than whole life, indexed universal life and universal life because the mortality…
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indexed universal life

Best Indexed Universal life (IUL) Companies in 2020

Indexed universal life insurance was created back in 1997 by Transamerica.  We now have more than 20 years of IUL history to draw from. We are still excited about using indexed universal life insurance as a way to accumulate cash on a tax-deferred basis and take an income stream on a tax-free basis. We have…
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LIRPs for average joe

LIRPs for the Average Joe

You are probably reading this because someone suggested that you look into a LIRP to help with retirement planning. It was probably an insurance agent with a tax-free retirement pitch. We feel that LIRPs or better known as a Life Insurance Retirement Plan can be a great supplement to your retirement income. Historically, LIRPs have…
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