Life Insurance for Seniors Over 70 No Medical Exam

life insurance for seniors over 70 no medical exam

There are more seniors over 70 purchasing life insurance than ever before. Most have common reasons to be shopping for life insurance this late in life and many are concerned about whether they can find life insurance for seniors over 70 with no medical exam. Seniors who are in their 70s and shopping for life […]

Aflac (American Family Life Assurance Company) 2020 Review

aflac life insurance review

Aflac offers much more than just entertaining commercials featuring the Aflac duck. Since 1955, Aflac has been providing people with a wide variety of insurance coverage, through both the workplace and direct sales to individuals. This review will detail the company’s background, the different coverages Aflac offers, how those coverages are marketed, and Aflac life […]

$50,000 Life Insurance Rates

$50,000 life insurance rates

Have you ever seen a TV commercial when they talk about life $500,000 life insurance policies costing only about $18 a month? Then, you think to yourself that you only need about $50,000 in life insurance only to find out the rates are higher than the $500,000 “as seen on TV” rates? What’s up with […]

Ethos Life Insurance | Company Review

Ethos life Review

Do you prefer to wait weeks to get your life insurance issued while your insurance company collects health information about you and sometimes your immediate family? If you need life insurance now because you’re not insured or under-insured but you want it to fit in your budget, continue reading our Ethos Life Insurance Company Review […]

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Review for 2020

Colonial Penn Review

In our effort to educate prospective insurance clients, is pleased to offer our Colonial Penn Life Insurance review for 2020. If you watch any television at all, it’s likely that you’ve seen Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek, talking about guaranteed acceptance insurance from Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company. The Colonial Penn program specializes in offering […]

American Amicable Group of Companies Review for 2020

American Amicable

American Amicable Insurance Company of Texas is a very unique life insurance company offering a full lineup of life insurance products.  We see American Amicable as a leader in the simplified issue marketplace. By simplified issue, we mean no medical exams are needed in order to qualify for life insurance. American Amicable can issue coverage […]

Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance For Seniors

no medical exam life insurance for seniors

We know it can be difficult to find a no exam life insurance policy as a senior. Life insurance is one of the best purchases that you’ll ever make for your loved ones. But what about once you’ve reached retirement age. Do you still need a life insurance plan? Are they affordable options for coverage? […]

Tips To Help You Pass a Life Insurance Medical Exam

pass a life insurance medical exam

I can’t tell you how often my clients underestimate the importance of their life insurance medical exam and knowing this, we offer the tips to pass a life insurance medical exam. We are seeing more and more companies jump on the accelerated underwriting process where there is no exam at all.  Many of our clients […]

Life Insurance No Medical Exam No Waiting Period

life insurance no medical exam

If you are looking for life insurance without having to take a medical exam, you will need to know which no-exam life insurance companies will give you the lowest rates. In order to qualify for life insurance, some companies will require you to go through a health underwriting process. Also known as a life insurance […]

The 2021 Complete Guide to Mortgage Protection Insurance

mortgage protection insurance

If you have recently closed on a home loan, it’s likely that you’ve received several notices about Mortgage Protection Insurance. Did you read them or throw them away? If you opened your letters, you are probably curious about this insurance called “Mortgage Protection Insurance” and have ended up online to get more information. To be […]

Should You Replace Your Life Insurance Policy?

life insurance policy replacement

Should you replace your life insurance policy? Your current term life insurance policy is running out and premiums are increasing You had a baby You bought a new home and have more debt You are retiring You find a cheaper policy You quit smoking or using tobacco Your health has improved since you purchased your […]

The End of the Life Insurance Medical Exam

end of life insurance exam

The way we buy life insurance is changing fast.  And for the better. Many life insurance companies are now underwriting life insurance policies through an accelerated underwriting process.   Providing urine and blood samples, getting weighed on the scale, and getting your blood pressure checked has always been a roadblock when trying to buy life insurance.  […]

What Happens In A Life Insurance Medical Exam?

life insurance medical exam

Relax.  Your medical exam for life insurance will not hurt.  It’s an easy process that will possibly save you thousands of dollars on your life insurance policy over time. A life insurance medical exam allows the life insurance company that you are applying with to evaluate your health, your lifestyle, as well as your medical […]