What is a Life Insurance Premium

what is a life insurance premium

Just as the taxes we pay keep our roads paved, life insurance premiums keep us insured and our families protected. No one particularly likes paying them, but they are necessary for our overall well-being. But who determines their price? What do the insurance companies do with the premium? What if I can’t pay my premium […]

The 10 Best Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Companies in 2020

guaranteed universal life insurance

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (GUL) provides certainty in uncertain times. Many people want the assurance that the full face amount of their policy will always be available to their beneficiaries; GUL provides that as long as scheduled premium payments are made. In fact, using guaranteed universal life insurance for seniors is likely more affordable than […]

How can Accidental Death Insurance make a Difference?


Accidental Death Insurance is truly a low-cost alternate choice to life insurance coverage. It is a method for individuals who might normally be declined to have life insurance if they were to die because of an accident. Keep in mind, however, there are a handful of traditional life insurance companies that offer guaranteed issue insurance […]

Why Buy a $750,000 Life Insurance Policy?

750000 life insurance

Wow! A $750,000 life insurance policy. This may seem like a lot of life insurance for most folks, but when we really drill down into how much you need, this may not even be enough. If you’ve watched any TV or go on social media, you’ve likely seen life insurance ads where the price seems […]

What’s the cost of a $1,000,000 Life Insurance Policy?

1,000,000 life insurance

Individuals and families who are concerned about what will happen to loved ones if the primary breadwinner dies unexpectedly know that the primary family income can be replaced using affordable life insurance. These folks typically understand the concept of income replacement and therefore a $1 million life insurance policy isn’t unusual in fact, for many […]

Best Rates for a $500,000 Life Insurance Policy

find best rates for 500000 life insurance

A half-million dollar’s worth of life insurance may seem sufficient for most people, but if you’re trying to replace your income for a spouse and children, you could easily fall short. Think about that for a moment. If you have a spouse and two or three kids, do you really think a $500,000 life insurance […]

Aflac (American Family Life Assurance Company) 2020 Review

aflac life insurance review

Aflac offers much more than just entertaining commercials featuring the Aflac duck. Since 1955, Aflac has been providing people with a wide variety of insurance coverage, through both the workplace and direct sales to individuals. This review will detail the company’s background, the different coverages Aflac offers, how those coverages are marketed, and Aflac life […]

Is a $250,000 Life Insurance Policy Enough?

$250,000 life insurance

I can remember when the easy answer for “how much life insurance do I need” was three or 5 times your income. Not anymore unless you’re buying it to cover a specific debt like a mortgage or vacation home. Of course, if you’re single with no dependents a $250,000 life insurance policy is probably sufficient […]

Is $100,000 Life Insurance Enough?

is a 100000 life insurance policy enough

For most people, a $100,000 life insurance policy may sound like legitimate coverage and that may be true. There are circumstances when $100,000 in coverage will likely be sufficient, but in reality, it’s typically not enough if you want to replace your income when you’re no longer here. Think about it, what are all the […]

$50,000 Life Insurance Rates

$50,000 life insurance rates

Have you ever seen a TV commercial when they talk about life $500,000 life insurance policies costing only about $18 a month? Then, you think to yourself that you only need about $50,000 in life insurance only to find out the rates are higher than the $500,000 “as seen on TV” rates? What’s up with […]

Ethos Life Insurance | Company Review

Ethos life Review

Do you prefer to wait weeks to get your life insurance issued while your insurance company collects health information about you and sometimes your immediate family? If you need life insurance now because you’re not insured or under-insured but you want it to fit in your budget, continue reading our Ethos Life Insurance Company Review […]

Ladder Life Insurance Review

ladder life insurance review

When you embrace 21st Century technology, you can buy almost anything online. The days of purchasing a product like life or health insurance only from an agent while sipping coffee at the kitchen table are over for the majority of consumers in America. Recently, and primarily because of available funding, life insurance companies have opened […]

Policy Genius Review

policygenius review featured img

If you’re in the market for insurance and want to buy it fast, cheap, and from a highly-rated insurance company, Policy Genius is a great place to start and our Policy Genius Review should be the first step you take. It’s important, however, that you understand Policy Genius is not an insurance company but rather, […]

SelectQuote Company Review

selectquote company reivew

Let’s put first things first. SelectQuote is not an insurance company, but rather an insurance agency. This is a good thing for consumers because it means you can go to one resource for quotes from just about every life insurance company. SelectQuote is one of the largest insurance brokers in the country and it seems […]

American Amicable Group of Companies Review for 2020

American Amicable

American Amicable Insurance Company of Texas is a very unique life insurance company offering a full lineup of life insurance products.  We see American Amicable as a leader in the simplified issue marketplace. By simplified issue, we mean no medical exams are needed in order to qualify for life insurance. American Amicable can issue coverage […]

Why Banner Life Insurance Company? Review updated for 2020

Banner Life Insurance Company is also known as Legal and General and they do business in the state of New York as William Penn Life Insurance. Banner Life Insurance is headquartered in Urbana, Maryland and the company is owned by Legal and General America. Banner Life Insurance Company has been in the insurance industry for […]

Estate Planning with Life Insurance

estate planning with life insurance

If you own anything, you have an estate; plain and simple. It doesn’t matter how valuable your estate is or how modest it may be, you have an estate that consists of various assets and you cannot take it with you when you die. If your estate is modest, like a car or home that […]

Zander Insurance Review

Zander Insurance review

First off, we are not Zander Insurance. This is our Zander insurance review which we consider fair and balanced. Most of the time when we publish insurance review articles, we focus on insurance companies and not insurance agencies. However, in this review article, we are going to drill-down into Zander Insurance, an insurance agency that […]

Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) | The Ins and Outs

modified endowment contract

In the many articles, we have provided regarding Indexed Universal Life Insurance, we have on many occasions mentioned the modified endowment contract but have not had an in-depth discussion. In this article, we are going to drill-down into the modified endowment contract (MEC) and discuss the ins and outs so that policyholders will understand whether […]

How Does Life Insurance Work?

what is life insurance

In simple terms, life insurance is a contractual agreement between a consumer and an insurance provider.   The insured agrees to pay a specified amount of money, known as the premium, either monthly or annually for a set amount of time.  In return, the insurer agrees to pay the policyholder’s named beneficiary a specified sum of […]

Will You Pay Taxes On Life Insurance

is life insurance taxable

Death benefit proceeds from life insurance are customarily tax-free lump-sums of money paid out to your beneficiaries. Unfortunately, there are times when they might be subject to taxation, such as when they exceed a specified threshold or when they’re paid out in installments. The best way to ensure financial security is through a life insurance […]

Pacific Life Insurance Company Review

pacific life logo

Founded in 1868 by former California Governor Leland Stanford, Pacific Life Insurance Company has grown to a Fortune 500 Company. The company eventually moved their headquarters to Newport Beach, California, a bustling seaside city of over 85,000 and remains there today. Pacific Life has steadily increased its footprint in the U.S. insurance industry and as […]

What is Variable Universal Life Insurance?

life insurance with living benefits

With so many different types of policies and thousands of different insurance companies to choose from, find the perfect policy to fit your needs can be difficult. We are here to help clear up any confusion. One of the most misunderstood types of policies is a variable universal life insurance plans, there are several different […]

The Best Life insurance for Real Estate Agents

Life insurance at age 50

By Holly Mitchell I am a retired real estate agent, who is now in the insurance industry, and now know how important Life insurance for real estate agents can be.  A recent internet search of “Life insurance for real estate agents” turned up basically nothing!  I honestly was shocked that this market has not been […]