motorcycle insurance in 2020

Motorcycle Insurance in 2020

Interestingly, not all states require motorcycle riders to have liability insurance. The average motorcycle on the road today weighs about 550 pounds and can do a lot of damage if it happens to crash into your vehicle or other property.   Also, consider having 550 pounds of metal lying on top of you. Although most…
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rideshare insurance

Auto Insurance for Uber and Lyft Drivers | Rideshare Insurance

Lately, many folks are joining the “gig” economy by becoming a full-time freelancer or a part-time freelancer or “moonlighter.” Since most adults own vehicles, one of the easiest ways to start working as a freelancer is to get into the ridesharing business. What started out as a thorn in the side of cabdrivers has exploded…
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different types of car insurance

What are the Different Types of Car Insurance?

Buying car insurance in the 21st Century is supposed to quick and easy, right? Well, for most people, it generally is. However, there are different types of car insurance policies that need to be considered by many car owners, and that can throw a wrench in an online policy. What if your car is not…
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backdoor roth IRA

What is a Backdoor Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA is very much the same as a traditional IRA, except you fund it with cash that has previously been taxed — which means there isn’t a tax break on the front end. In 2020, you can invest up to $6,000 each year, or $7,000 if you are age 50 or older, in…
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guaranteed universal life insurance

Using Guaranteed Universal Life for Income Protection

When many people think of life insurance, they think only of someone dying and money that is paid to a beneficiary. What they don’t think of are the many beneficial purposes the money serves in the lives of those left behind.   Let’s take a look at how Guaranteed Universal Life insurance can provide many…
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modified premium whole life insurance

What is Modified Premium Whole Life Insurance?

Modified premium whole life insurance is very similar to traditional whole life insurance. It is a form of permanent insurance, meaning that it is intended to be kept for a person’s whole life, as opposed to insurance for a temporary need, such as term insurance.   Modified Premium Structure   Unlike traditional whole life insurance…
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what are paid up additions

What are Paid-Up Additions on a Whole Life Policy?

In order to understand what paid-up additions are on a whole life policy, it’s essential that we first understand what dividends are, since dividends are what purchases the paid-up additions.   Whole Life Dividends   Whole life insurance policies are a class of what is referred to as “participating policies” because policyowners participate in the…
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what does an HO-8 policy cover

What does an HO-8 Policy Cover?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies are for homes built within the last 40 years. Homes in this age range tend to be relatively stable and relatively low-risk, so a normal HO-3 or HO-5 policy is usually good enough for protection. Older houses, though, need special insurance protection If your home is old or made from materials…
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what is flood insurance

What is Flood Insurance?

If you take a look at most of the standard homeowner’s insurance policies—HO-1, HO-3, and HO-5, you likely notice that most of them are curiously absent of what might seem like a significant peril—floods. Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not include flood protection as part of the package. In cases where flood protection is…
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