Best Rates for 30 Year Term Life Insurance

best rates for 30 year term life insurance

Term Life Insurance is probably the most popular life insurance policy in the marketplace today, especially if you are a young adult and need a considerable amount of coverage. When we buy life insurance, whether it’s term life insurance (temporary) or universal life and whole life (permanent), the most important thing to consider is “why […]

20 Year Term Life Insurance – Top 3 Companies

20 year term life insurance

Most people know at least something about term life insurance. They typically understand that term is the cheapest life insurance available and they understand that it is considered temporary insurance. Because term life insurance is so affordable, it will usually fit within the budget of most Americans and can be used for many purposes: Replacing […]

What does life insurance cost at age 69

Life insurance at 69

Many people are not sure that they need life insurance at age 69. There are many common questions. “Why do I need it at all?” … “Won’t it be expensive?”  “I just don’t have the time.” Number one ….you need life insurance if people rely on you and your income. Number two … You still […]

Life Insurance cost at age 39

Life insurance at 39

At age 39, you can still get very affordable life insurance rates. Term life insurance is still very cheap and it may be a great time to consider permanent life insurance. Life insurance premiums rise more and more steeply as you get older and any health issues you may develop will also ramp up your […]

Life insurance at 74

Life insurance at 74

Health issues are very common as we get older, so the risk to your loved ones is becoming greater. Life insurance at age 74 could be more affordable than you think, and often a short term policy with a small face value and reasonable premiums can meet the life insurance needs of someone in their […]

Term Life Insurance rates for 35 year old males and females (Updated 2021)

Life insurance at 35

Many couples first seriously consider life insurance in their mid-thirties. You are old enough now to know that unexpected tragedy is a reality you want to be prepared for. Building a future for your family is the most important thing you do and you want to make certain that the future you envision for your […]

Should You Replace Your Life Insurance Policy?

life insurance policy replacement

Should you replace your life insurance policy? Your current term life insurance policy is running out and premiums are increasing You had a baby You bought a new home and have more debt You are retiring You find a cheaper policy You quit smoking or using tobacco Your health has improved since you purchased your […]

Life insurance at age 40

life insurance at 40

When you apply for life insurance, the company is going to review dozens of different factors to determine how much they should charge you every month. It’s important to ensure that you’re getting the best plan at the lowest rates. Life insurance is one of the most important investments that you’ll ever make for your […]

Life insurance at 62

Life insurance at 62

Life insurance in your sixties is as important as it is when you are in your thirties. The financial obligations you have now are just as important as the ones you had then. Life insurance at 62 is how you can be sure that the plans you have worked hard for, year after year, are […]

Life insurance at 58

Life insurance at 58

Life insurance at 58 can be a bit confusing at times. Even the basics are not certain for many people. Chances are you are here because you are concerned about your family’s financial well-being if you were to pass unexpectedly. Keep reading and we will flesh out some of the basics — Including how much […]

Life Insurance At 59

Life insurance at age 59

Do you think 59 is too old to consider life insurance coverage? Do you think life insurance at 59 will be too expensive? Well, you have not waited too long and as you will see, life insurance at 59 can indeed be very affordable. We have insured clients of all ages who knew that they […]

Life Insurance at 38

Life insurance at 38

You may have heard that life insurance premiums at thirty-eight will break your budget. We are here to tell you that is just not true. Life insurance at 38 is a wise and affordable investment. If you’ve been avoiding getting life insurance because of the cost, this article is going to leave you with no more […]

Life Insurance at 37

Life insurance at 37

As people start hitting their 30s, they start thinking about the future and their financial security. You are right on time to make this important move to secure your family’s financial future. Life insurance at 37 is a good call, the premiums are still very affordable. You have set out to work hard and provide security […]

Term Life Insurance at 36 (Updated in 2021)

Life insurance at 36

Let’s look at some term life rates for 36 year old males and females.  We have many clients in their mid to late 30’s just starting on the life insurance shopping journey.  Mortality gets a little more real every year, you are no longer bullet proof.  You may have a family at home that depends […]

Term Life Insurance at age 34 (update rates for 2021)

Life insurance at 34

Getting life insurance while you are still young is important. Yes, thirty-four is definitely still young and life insurance companies know that. Life insurance will never again be more affordable for you than right now.

Term Life Insurance Rates at Age 32 (Updated for 2021)

Life insurance at age 32?

Do you want to protect your family, regardless of what happens in the future? The best way to do that is to purchase life insurance coverage. Life insurance is the best safety net that you could ever purchase for your family. We see a lot of young families, in their early thirties, looking to buy […]

Life Insurance rates at age 31 (Updated for 2021)

Life insurance at age 31.

You’re in your 30s now. Your life is probably very different than it was when you hit your 20s. You have more responsibility, and you probably have a family. You’re making more money, you might have a mortgage payment. What does all of this mean? It means you need life insurance! Don’t just assume you […]

Life Insurance at 45

Life insurance at 45

Forty-five and here you are with a growing family and mounting financial responsibility. Protecting those you love and the life you are building together is more important than ever. Life insurance at 45 is a smart way to secure your family’s financial future. If you are worried about the cost of life insurance at 45, […]

Life Insurance at age 30 (Rates Updated for 2021)

Life insurance at 30

Many 30 year olds are starting families and just beginning the portion of their lives when they will raise children, and build their fortune, so to speak.  We make buying life insurance easy.   Protecting your hard-earned quality of life and the financial security of the ones you love the most has now become an important […]

Life Insurance at age 55

Life insurance at age 55.

Life insurance is one of the most important purchases that you can ever make for your loved ones. It’s one of the few ways that you can ensure that your loved ones will have the money that they need, regardless of what happens to you or your loved ones. The older that you get, the […]

Life Insurance at age 50

Life insurance at age 59

Congratulations, you’ve made the big five-oh! You’ve accomplished a lot in half a century, mainly supporting a family you love and who rely on you for financial support and a lot more! Life insurance at 50 will protect your family’s financial future and your peace of mind. Many in their fifties are sure life insurance […]

Life Insurance at age 75

Life Insurance at age 75

As an older applicant, you might have some health problems. Regardless of your age or your overall health, there are still insurance options available. Find the best life insurance for seniors over 70! Call us at Ogletree Financial and we can answer your questions and guide you and yours to the secure financial future and […]

Life insurance at age 70: Still Within Your Reach

Life insurance at 70: Still within your reach.

Do you suffer from health problems and feel that life insurance at 70 will be too expensive to afford? What you may not understand is that many common ailments, such as hypertension, heart problems and diabetes, do not present the same concern to life insurance companies when you are 70 as when you are 35. […]

Life Insurance at age 65

Life insurance at 65.

You may be wondering, “Should I buy life insurance at 65?”  Well, the answer is yes. If you are considering life insurance coverage and have arrived at our website, you are in the right place! You are obviously ready to get his done and we can get you started in just a few minutes. Or […]

Life Insurance at age 60

Life insurance at 60.

Whether to buy Life insurance at 60 is an important decision for you and your family to make. For many, this is a time when they are earning well and they want to protect the future they are building. Life insurance at 60 can make sure that those who rely on your income can count […]

Life insurance at age 79

Life insurance at 79

Life insurance at 79 is probably not as uncommon as you think, or as expensive as you think. If you have important financial obligations, especially to your family and no matter your age, life insurance is the correct move. Affordable life insurance for seniors over 70 is a realistic financial strategy. Are you concerned about […]

Life insurance at 78

Cost of life insurance in my 70s

It’s no too late. The premiums will not be as high as you think and your health issues will not matter as much as you might imagine. Life insurance at 78 may seem out of place to some, but financial responsibility, especially to the ones we love, knows nothing about how old anyone is. First […]

Life insurance at age 77

Life insurance at 77

Some people believe that life insurance at age 77 is out of their reach.   Health issues often scare some who need life insurance coverage into thinking the premiums will just be too high. The truth is that the life insurance coverage you need to protect your family can be yours and you can find […]

Life insurance at 76

Where is the cheapest place to buy IUL?

Many believe that life insurance at 76 will be too expensive. Maybe you have some health issues that keep you from applying. You can probably put these worries aside. We are determined to help you find life insurance for seniors over 70! There is almost certainly a life insurance policy that meets your family’s needs […]

Life insurance at age 73

Life insurance at age 59

Many who seek life insurance at 73 are worried about how their health will affect their premiums. Will they be sky high? Probably not. Hypertension, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and other ailments are a natural part of getting older for almost everyone. When well controlled, these conditions do not elevate life insurance costs as they would […]

Life insurance at 72

Life insurance at age 59

Many people who seek life insurance at 72 can’t imagine how they could possibly afford the premiums at this age. Health issues are a reality of old age that few avoid. Life insurance companies know this and that is why your diabetes or hypertension at 72, especially if your condition is well-controlled through a healthy […]

Life insurance at 71

Should I buy Universal Life Insurance at age 45?

Age will take its toll and many in their seventies have developed health conditions as they have gotten older. You may be thinking that your hypertension or cardiovascular problems will make the life insurance you need too expensive. But this is not necessarily so. These problems at 38 cause insurers much more concern than someone […]

Life insurance at 68

Insurance at age 68

Many in their sixties are surprised to learn that many people their age are purchasing life insurance. Once the kids are out on their own, your obligations are done, right! Wrong. People you love still rely on your support. Life insurance at 68 is the best way to be sure they can still rely on […]

Life insurance at 66

Life insurance at age 55.

Many people are surprised at the amount of folks in their 60s purchase a life insurance policy. But we definitely suggest it if you’re 66 years old and still have dependents who rely on your support. If your goal is to share the fruits of your life’s labor with the ones you love, a life insurance […]

Life insurance at 67

Life insurance at age 67

It may surprise you that it is quite common for people in their sixties to purchase life insurance. Life insurance coverage is not just for young folks with kids to raise and a mortgage to pay off. If you have people who rely on your financial support, then life insurance at 67 is a smart […]

Life insurance at 64

Life insurance at 52

Let’s talk about Life Insurance at 64   Many 64-year-olds are unsure about life insurance. Why do I need it and how much do I need? You may have heard that life insurance at 64 will cost too much and think the premiums will be too high! Soon you’ll have some answers, plus you’ll know that […]

Life insurance at 63

cost of Life insurance

Many people think that 63 is too late in life to buy life insurance. “There’s no need for it now, I waited too long … it will be too expensive.” All not true. Life insurance at 63 is a smart move and we can help you today! If people you love will endure financial hardship […]

Life insurance at 61

Cost of insurance

Life insurance at 61 is more common than you think. The vast majority of people in their sixties either have life insurance coverage or know they need it. Just because the kids are on their own and the mortgage is paid off doesn’t mean life insurance isn’t for you. If you have financial obligations that […]

How much does life insurance cost for a 57 year old?

cost of life insurance

Purchasing life insurance at 57 can be an important factor in your family’s finances. Making sure that your loved ones will continue to live at the standard you work hard for them to enjoy is probably priority number one. Retirement may be close at hand. Do you have children who will be attending college? Pretty […]

Life insurance at 56

How much does life insurance cost

Some people worry when considering life insurance at 56. There is probably not too much to worry about. Do you think life insurance will be too expensive? Read a little about some life insurance basics and check out the sample life insurance quotes at the end of this article. You will probably be surprised. The […]

Life insurance at 54

Life insurance at 53

Life insurance at 54 is the best way to protect your family’s financial security. You have worked hard to give your loved ones a standard of living you expect your children to live until they are on their own and your spouse until you both retire in comfort. Some people think life insurance at 54 […]

Life insurance at 53

Life insurance at age 55.

So you’ve turned 53 years old and think its out of your budget to buy life insurance?  Not necessarily so. Others are not even sure why life insurance at 53 is a good idea. A few minutes of reading will fill you in on the basics and have you ready to talk to Ogletree Financial […]

Life insurance at 52

Life insurance at 52

Life insurance at 52 is an important financial decision for your family. You have worked hard to support your loved ones and you want to protect the financial future of those who rely on you and your income. Life insurance coverage is the best way to get the peace of mind you desire. Worried about […]

Life insurance at 51 – Get quotes in Less than One Minute!

Cost of life insurance in my 50s

Life insurance at 51 is an important decision for your family’s financial future. If you were to pass unexpectedly, you wouldn’t want your loved ones to be strapped with financial headache in addition to such a difficult emotional loss. Also, life insurance at 51 is not as expensive as many clients fear, especially if you […]

Life insurance at 49

Life insurance at 49

You’re 49 and know you need life insurance. The people you love the most rely on you and your income and as you get older you may assume other important financial obligations. Life insurance is the best way to ensure that no matter what happens to you, your family will be able to rely on […]

The Best Life insurance at 48

Low cost life insurance

Many think life insurance at 48 is too expensive, too complicated, unnecessary, or it’s just too late in life. If you’re single and have enough money saved to cover your final expenses, life insurance may not be needed. But, if you have a family that relies on you, are a partner in a small business, […]

Life insurance at 47 | Awesome Rates!

life insurance with awesome rates

At 47, your family’s well-being and financial security are probably the most important ambitions you pursue. A life insurance policy is the best way to ensure that these ambitions will be realized no matter what may happen to you. Read on and learn how life insurance at 47 can work for you. Maybe you are […]

Life insurance at 46

Life insurance at 46

At 46, you may be worried that life insurance will cost too much. If your health is fine, you can probably put your concerns to rest. We are going to give you a rough estimate of how much you’ll pay for your life insurance. First, let’s look at a few questions you may have about […]

Low Cost Life insurance at 44

Low cost life insurance

At Ogletree Financial Services we deal with many clients in their early forties. Protecting your family and the life you are building together is now a priority. Getting life insurance at 44 is a smart move and you are in the right place to learn the basics and get in touch with a professional today! […]

Instant Life insurance at 43

Instant life insurance

Many people feel the need for life insurance in their early forties. You are proud of the quality of life you are providing for your loved ones. If you were to die unexpectedly, all your hard work could go to waste. Your family could be left financially and emotionally devastated. Life insurance at 43 is […]

Easy Life insurance at 42

life insurance at 42

You have reached your early forties and realize that you need life insurance. Your family and your responsibilities are growing and if something were to happen to you, your loved one’s finances would be devastated. Life insurance at 42 is a smart move to protect the quality of life you work hard to provide for […]

Life insurance at 41 [It’s not too Late]

Life insurance at 79

You Should Buy Life Insurance at 41   You are 41 years old and thinking, “I need life insurance for my family, for my peace of mind.” Your kids are in grade school and business is good. You and your spouse have worked hard and it beginning to pay off. But if the unthinkable were […]