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The Best Auto Insurance Companies | Rates and Value

best auto insurance companies for 2019

Over time, we’ve found that the best car insurance companies share many of the same traits when it comes to ease-of-purchase, customer service claims service, and pricing. One other trait they share is they do not have as many complaints posted about them on the internet.

Certainly, we can’t believe everything we read on the internet because a lot of complaints come from disgruntled employees, but if you really take some time to do the research, you’ll develop a clear picture of how some companies treat their policyholders.

Probably the most difficult factor to consider when rating auto insurers are their rates. The reason for the difficulty is that auto insurance companies tend to set rates based on data in a geographic area which means company A may have good rates in Florida, but not so good rates in Texas.

Although auto insurance rates are very important in the shopping process, rates should never be the single deciding factor. For example, if XYZ Insurance Company has the best rates in your state but they are the worst at servicing claims, the low prices they offer are not a good value.

To find our readers the top 10 car insurance companies for 2019, we combined the data we received from various rating companies, state insurance commissioner data, consumer reports, and other data resources and then assigned a rating from one to five stars.

Amica Insurance ratting

Amica Mutual Insurance Company is headquartered in Lincoln, RI and has been around since 1907.

This makes Amica the oldest mutual auto insurance company in the US.

J.D. Power Rating5 stars for overall satisfaction
Consumer Reports90 out of 100 Reader Score
A.M.Best Rating ServicesA+ (superior)
Better Business BureauA+

How They Go Over and Above

  • A total loss claim will not be depreciated if the claim happens within the first year of ownership.
  • Will replace your lock for free if you lose your keys or they are stolen.
  • Airbags are repaired free if they’ve deployed during an accident.
  • Amica will reimburse policyholders for loss of wages if you go to court at their request.
  • Amica also offers condo, renters, homeowner’s boat, motorcycle, small business, wedding, and umbrella insurance.

USAA insurance company

USAA is based out of  San Antonio, Texas.  USAA  is a full financial services and insurance company.  The USAA customer base is military and families of the military.

Rating ServiceRating
J.D. Power Rating5 Stars for Overall Satisfaction
Consumer Reports96 out of 100 Reader Score
A.M Best Rating ServicesA+ (Superior)
Better Business BureauNot a Member

How USAA goes over and above:

  • USAA is a full-service organization for members and former members of the military and their families.
  • They assist with auto and home insurance and provide some of the lowest rates in the market.
  • The organization goes beyond insurance by offering advice on retirement, homeownership, military life, family life, disaster and recovery, and many other resources families would need.
  • They excel in customer service and have earned accolades every year for outstanding customer service and claims service.

farmers insurance company

Farmers Insurance Group is headquartered in California.  Their parent company is Zurich Insurance Group and they have many subsidiaries like Foremost Insurance Group and 21st Century Insurance.

Rating ServiceRating
J.D. Power Rating4 Stars for Overall Satisfaction
Consumer Reports96 out of 100 Reader Score
A.M Best Rating ServicesA+ (Superior)
Better Business BureauA+

How Farmers goes over and above the competition:

  • Although Farmers offers the standard coverages that most carriers offer, they also provide additional value by with their New Care Replacement Coverage is your car is a total loss with the first two model years and 24,000 miles of your ownership. In this event, Farmers will replace your vehicle with a new one.
  • Accident Forgiveness – The insured driver is allowed one at-fault accident forgiven every three years. This means your rate will not go up because of an accident.
  • Rideshare Insurance – Farmers’ rideshare insurance will provide coverage when you are working for Uber or Lyft in between driver pickups when the rideshare company app is not turned on.

Other Insurance products from Farmers

Renters Insurance Off-road vehicle insurance
Landlord Insurance Boat Insurance
Umbrella Insurance Personal Watercraft Insurance
Small Business Insurance Travel Trailer Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance RV or Motorhome Insurance
Pet Insurance 5th Wheel insurance

the hartford auto insurance

The Hartford Insurance Group is based in Lexington, KY.

Rating ServiceRating
J.D. Power Rating3 Stars for Overall Satisfaction
Consumer Reports90 out of 100 Reader Score
A.M Best Rating ServicesA+ (Stable)
Better Business BureauA+

How the Hartford goes over and above its competition:

  • Hartford offers a robust mechanical breakdown coverage that will help cover the costs of repairs that are not already covered under your vehicle warranty. They stand alone offering this coverage.
  • Hartford not only a standard selection of vehicle coverage benefits but also additional benefits that will deliver great value. For example, the company’s towing and roadside assistance program is second to none.

Auto Owners auto insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance Group was established in 1916.  Currently Auto-Owners Insurance Group is headquartered in Lansing, MI.

Rating ServiceRating
J.D. Power Rating4 Stars for Overall Satisfaction
Consumer Reports93 out of 100 Reader Score
A.M Best Rating ServicesA+ (Stable)
Better Business BureauA+

How Auto-Owners goes over and above the competition:

Where Auto-Owners shines brighter than many other carriers is by offering a substantial list of discounts that can substantially reduce your cost of insurance:

  1. Multipolicy Discounts (bundling) Anytime an auto insurance customer also purchases additional policies like home, renters, and life insurance, the company will apply substantial discounts to each policy purchased.
  2. Early Payment Discounts – Why pay at the last minute when the insurer will reward you with a discount for paying early and on time.
  3. Safety Discounts – Policyholders who own newer cars with the most advanced safety equipment and agree to opt-in to the Auto-Owner TrueRide System will receive additional discounts for safe vehicles and safe driving.
  4. Green Discounts – Policyholders can elect to save money, time, and trees when they sign up for paperless billing from Auto-Owners.
  5. Teen Driver Discounts – Teen drivers in the household can reduce your insurance premium by having a good student discount and a GPS monitor in the that is primarily driven by the student.

The Bottom Line

Car Insurance today has changed from the days when your mom and dad bought insurance. Companies and agencies are taking advantage of the internet to attract business and expose their products to people all across the country. Rarely do you get a birthday or anniversary card from your company or agent, but what you do get is innovative methods to reduce your cost of insurance, handle claims when they happen, and deliver outstanding customer service.

Not all companies have jumped on board with consumer-driven methods of doing business, but for those that have, they will continue to rank high, receive accolades in their industry, and issue more insurance policies than any other company (even when their rates aren’t the lowest).

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