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Have you reached a point with your current auto insurance company when rates are going up but service standards are going down? Did the folks at Zebra Auto Insurance tell you that the rates they offered were the lowest in the marketplace?

Quickly compare auto insurance rates just by clicking on your state below:

Did your heart skip a beat when you got your renewal bill and you can’t seem to justify paying more for insurance when you have a clean driving record and never filed a claim?


You’re not alone. Although most car insurance companies must get approval from a state’s department of insurance before they can raise their rates, lately it seems like “rubber stamp approval” is the new modus operandi.


So then, what should you do when your car insurance is more than your mortgage payment? Go Shopping!


What is The Zebra Auto Insurance?


First of all, The Zebra Car Insurance is not an auto insurance company. They are an online comparison site where car insurance shoppers can go to compare rates from many of the top-rated insurance companies by completing just one questionnaire.

Their service is to empower car insurance shoppers to find out in advance what they could expect to pay for car insurance from companies X, Y, and Z. They claim to offer comparisons for over 1,800 auto insurance products that are offered by 200 insurance companies they partner with.

Car insurance shoppers can think of The Zebra as an MLS (multi listing service) for the car insurance industry. These online comparison platforms have gained substantial popularity as time-strapped consumers look for a better way to shop for products and services.

Think about it. You can know in advance the approximate price just about any retailer or service provider is going to charge you BEFORE you actually make contact with them. So, it’s important to note that Zebra insurance quotes are legitimate “pre-underwriting” insurance quotes.


Product and service comparison platforms help consumers to develop an instant “short-list.”

  • Need your house painted? Check out Home Advisor or Takl
  • Need a real estate agent? Check out HomeLight or UpNest
  • Brakes on the RV need to be replaced? Check out Mobile Auto Repair Pros or Your Mechanic .com – all will come to you rather than you having to go to them.
  • Need a spouse? Check out or eHarmony

The Zebra Auto insurance is more of a match-maker (based on the information you provide) than it is an insurance company. Maybe your date will show up or maybe they won’t; maybe your rate is accurate or maybe it isn’t.


NOTE: We are not The Zebra. If you need to contact them about your insurance quote, you can reach them at (888) 255-4364 or you can send them an email at

The Zebra Corp. Offices
1801 E 6th St, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78702


How does The Zebra Car Insurance Work?


The Zebra has a well-designed website (or mobile app) that takes you through a series of questions about you, your vehicle, and the coverage you want, and then delivers what its database calculates as the best car insurance rate based on the information you provided. These are not Zebra insurance quotes, but rather, insurance quotes from highly-rated national companies who publicize their insurance rates.

 Here are the steps you’ll take to get a car insurance rate from  Zebra Insurance:    


  1. Enter your Zip Code and click “Start.” A window will open to remind you that the Zebra will save you up to $670 a year on your insurance because they will get quotes from over 100 insurance providers.
  2. Where do you park your vehicle? Put in your home or other garaging address.
  3. Enter your first and last name and your DOB. Click “Save & Continue”
  4. Provide information about your vehicle(s). Click “Save & Continue”
  5. Do you own or lease your car?
  6. What is the primary use of your car?
  7. How many miles do you typically drive each year? Click “Save & Continue”
  8. If you need to add a driver, do it here. “Save & Continue”
  9. Give them the scoop on your drivers. Here you will go through multiple screens that ask questions about you and any other drivers listed. These are known as underwriting questions.
  10. Are you insured now and if so, how long and who is your current company? On this page, you’ll also be asked about your driving record and accidents. If you answer “yes”, you’ll have to provide the information; if you answer “no,” you simply provide your email where they will send a copy of your quote.
  11. Check the discounts you want to qualify for and select from the drop-down how you heard about them.

All in all, we consider this electronic Zebra Insurance interview pretty easy and noninvasive but remember, if you fib on some questions, your quote is pretty much worthless.

What about my Car Insurance Quote?


The quote screen will come up next with offers from the companies that have the lowest rates for your circumstances.  Here is a screenshot of what was returned for me: 


the zebra auto insurance


Now you have some choices to make…



You can click on each option (minimum, basic, better, and best) to find out what coverages are included and not included in each quote. For example, my minimum coverage was only what is required by the state of Georgia. You cannot add or remove coverages on this screen.

As the coverage box implies, each coverage box (from left to right) offers better coverage until you end up with their “best” coverage. If you are okay with a coverage box (you cannot change the coverages listed in each box), highlight it and then select the company you prefer and click “Confirm Now.”

After you click “Confirm Now,” a smaller window will open that provides your coverages, limits, and deductibles, along with your payment plan.


Got it. I’m ready to compare auto insurance rates…


shopping cart icon


If you’re sure the selection you chose is right for you, click the “Buy Online Now”, but if you’re not sure, click “Close this Window.”

If you click the “Buy Online Now” button, you will be redirected to the insurance company you selected to complete the transaction. You will not be purchasing your insurance from The Zebra.


Is my quote from The Zebra Auto Insurance Guaranteed?


Your quote from The Zebra is not guaranteed. Since they are not the insurance company and the underwriting of your policy has not been completed, your quote could end up being higher or even lower depending on the information that the insurance company will verify. Remember you are buying your car insurance from a national insurance company and not Zebra car insurance.

The insurance will order motor vehicle reports for the last three to five years. They will order a C.L.U.E. report from the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange to verify your claims history. They will verify your credit score (in states that allow it), and finally, they will try to qualify you for as many discounts as possible.


Without a Guaranteed Quote – Why Use The Zebra?


What you accomplish by using The Zebra insurance comparison platform can be valuable to you. The platform can save you time by allowing you access to multiple insurance carriers and the ability to filter which ones are the best value according to your circumstances.


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