What is a Life Insurance Premium

what is a life insurance premium

Just as the taxes we pay keep our roads paved, life insurance premiums keep us insured and our families protected. No one particularly likes paying them, but they are necessary for our overall well-being. But who determines their price? What do the insurance companies do with the premium? What if I can’t pay my premium […]

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance | Company Review

If you’re considering applying with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, perhaps you’d like to determine if it might be the ideal choice for you and your family? Although we are unable to control when we die, we can manage the financial implications that typically landing in the laps of our surviving loved ones. If you […]

Nationwide Homeowners Insurance – Product Review

Nationwide Insurance Company headquarters

There are probably many Nationwide Homeowners Insurance reviews that can be found online but having one more is certainly not a bad thing. For most homeowners or “soon to be” homeowners, their house will likely be their most valuable asset and as such, it should be important to you to mitigate the financial risk associated […]

Why Banner Life Insurance Company? Review updated for 2020

Banner Life Insurance Company is also known as Legal and General and they do business in the state of New York as William Penn Life Insurance. Banner Life Insurance is headquartered in Urbana, Maryland and the company is owned by Legal and General America. Banner Life Insurance Company has been in the insurance industry for […]

Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) | The Ins and Outs

modified endowment contract

In the many articles, we have provided regarding Indexed Universal Life Insurance, we have on many occasions mentioned the modified endowment contract but have not had an in-depth discussion. In this article, we are going to drill-down into the modified endowment contract (MEC) and discuss the ins and outs so that policyholders will understand whether […]

Best Rates for 30 Year Term Life Insurance

best rates for 30 year term life insurance

Term Life Insurance is probably the most popular life insurance policy in the marketplace today, especially if you are a young adult and need a considerable amount of coverage. When we buy life insurance, whether it’s term life insurance (temporary) or universal life and whole life (permanent), the most important thing to consider is “why […]

Best Quotes for 15 Year Term Life Insurance

term life insurance

Term Life Insurance is considered to be the cheapest life insurance that a person can buy. Because of this, term life insurance is typically the most popular insurance product for young and middle-aged adults. Most insurance shoppers are aware that term insurance can be purchased for up to 40-year terms so it’s logical to wonder […]

The Term Life Insurance Conversion Option

the term life insurance option

With Term Life Insurance rates being lower than ever before, there’s no wonder that so many policies are sold today, especially for consumers who need a very large death benefit in order to replace their income. Term life insurance rates are much lower than whole life, indexed universal life and universal life because the mortality […]

How Does Life Insurance Work?

what is life insurance

In simple terms, life insurance is a contractual agreement between a consumer and an insurance provider.   The insured agrees to pay a specified amount of money, known as the premium, either monthly or annually for a set amount of time.  In return, the insurer agrees to pay the policyholder’s named beneficiary a specified sum of […]

Contingent Beneficiaries, Why Do I Need One For My Life Insurance Policy?


While you may not be able to take your assets with you once you die you do have the capability of creating an estate plan to leave your assets with your family and loved ones using a life insurance policy, trust, will, or other legal entity.   In the case of a life insurance policy, you […]

Affordable Life Insurance for Tobacco Chewers

affordable life insurance for tobacco chewers

Are you a smokeless tobacco user? Maybe you got started watching your dad or grandpa, or maybe you played some high-school baseball. In fact, a lot of cigarette smokers find the only way to give up smoking is to turn to chewing or dipping to satisfy their cravings for nicotine. Certainly, anytime a cigarette smoker […]

Affordable Life Insurance when You Smoke Cigars or a Pipe

Cigar and pipe smokers

Cigar and pipe smokers face an issue in their efforts select a term insurance policy that will be suitable to their circumstances and needs. Cigars are certainly not the same as cigarettes and most individuals don’t think of it as smoking when you enjoy a cigar or smoke a pipe on occasion. The issue is […]

AARP Life Insurance Review

AARP Life Insurance Review

A common question asked by most shopping for life insurance is whether AARP is a life insurance provider. The short answer is no, AARP is not an actual life insurance provider. AARP is, in regards to life insurance coverage, a marketing organization focused on selling its brand image to the highest bidding insurance provider. Presently, […]

Critical Illness Insurance – Just the Facts

critical illness insurance

Critical illness such as heart attack, cancer or stroke can strike any of us at anytime. Most of us will survive this critical event and go on to live a full life. Critical illness insurance can pay a lump sum cash benefit at your first diagnosis of a covered illness. These cash benefit dollars can […]

Is Whole Life Too Expensive?

hand with roll of bills

When I started in the life insurance business in 1995, new agents that came into the insurance business worked for one company.  These companies were referred to as captive companies or career companies.  The agent would be able to offer products from that one company and no one else.  At the time this was ok. […]