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IUL index allocation options

Indexed Universal Life

IUL policies offer permanent life insurance protection with the opportunity to earn market-like returns inside the policy.
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Impaired Risk

We address the many health issues that confront people as they navigate the life insurance marketplace.
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Term Life Quotes By Age

The basics and sample monthly premiums are presented to demonstrate to you how affordable
life insurance can be at any age.
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When I started out as a life insurance agent right out of college in the early 1990’s times were different than they are today: no internet, computers, iPhones or tablets, and no Zoom calls. Our most advanced piece of equipment was a fax machine.   We had one company to represent. We had rate manuals for life insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance.  Maybe it doesn’t sound like it, but times were good.  I traveled across the states of Alabama and Georgia to do business with clients face-to-face.  That is just how things got done.  But the bottom line is that we helped our clients insure what was most important to them.


Get the right coverage!

Fast forward to today, where does the time go?  Now everyone has access to unlimited information via the internet and social media to help guide them in their decision-making process.  Our clients are better able to find and secure the insurance coverage that is most important to them and know that they have the best rate and best company for their own personal needs.  Purchasing the correct amount of life insurance coverage with the best life insurance company can be done right through this website.

Maybe you have heard about the great things that an indexed universal life insurance policy has to offer.  In a just 5 to 10 minutes, we can get to know you , discover your goals and put together some IUL models that you can review.

Since we are independent advisors, we can show you models from all of the top IUL companies.

Although IUL is a top focus of ours, we are very proud to be able to offer a full menu of insurance coverage to our clients:

With over 50 of the top insurance companies to choose from, we are sure we can find a fit.  You can rest assured that your insurance needs can be met just like the thousands of families that we currently insure.

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