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Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process | LEAP

lifetime economic acceleration process

Accumulating wealth for retirement can be stressful and confusing, there’s no doubt about it. Research reveals differing opinions, pros and cons, and scam declarations, with many articles pitching a product in the author’s conclusion. Almost no one covers the lifetime economic acceleration process. How do you know what you don’t know?

We’ve previously discussed Look before you LIRP, the Power of Zero, the Volatility Shield, and other methods that promise to create an inexhaustible income stream for retirement. Ask your financial advisor which life insurance policy works best and he or she will likely respond with “it depends” which is followed by an hours-long consultation that could likely end in more confusion and stress.

So, knowing this, what do you do? You keep looking and listening until you find a plan or process that makes the most financial sense for your circumstances. Let’s face it; sooner or later you have to make a decision and move forward. You’ll probably never find testimonies from consumers who decided on a system or plan and then published their results because in most cases, these systems and plans have to be in place for decades before the results can be memorialized. You simply have to make a decision based on “what if.”

What is the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process?

LEAP is a system and process that is designed to accumulate wealth for the investor using multiple financial instruments. Rather than using one investment product, the LEAP folks argue that your money should be constantly in motion. In other words, if your money is entirely focused on one purpose with a singular rate of return, it’s more susceptible to various factors that could negatively impact your return.

Instead, the LEAP system allows you to identify multiple financial products and put them in motion simultaneously and always working together to achieve your financial goals. This financial strategy ultimately provides your assets the opportunity to function robustly and enhances your ability to maximize the potential of your hard-earned money.

Maximize the Advantages and Minimize the Disadvantages

In order to achieve the best outcome for your wealth, the LEAP system marries financial science with visual illustration and doctrine of protection, savings, and continuous growth. Instead of listed illustrations, the LEAP system mimics a game board that allows the investor to view financial strategies along with their potential outcomes thus building the confidence level when making financial decisions.

The LEAP system is almost like making chess move and immediately seeing the effect each move will have on the chess game in advance. Certainly, wealth accumulation is not a game, however, when you visualize it in that fashion, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the outcomes of your investments based on science and math combined with historical data.

When you take into consideration all of the factors that can negatively impact your investments like taxes, market declines, inflation, management fees, and even lawsuits, you can overcome these dangers by making the right moves that will ultimately keep your money working instead of becoming stagnant. Certainly, no one intentionally makes bad investments; they just didn’t completely understand all of the factors that would have a negative effect on the investments they made.

Finally, it’s important for investors to understand that making decisions about financial products one at a time without actually seeing clearly how they would or wouldn’t work together can easily (and usually) put them at a disadvantage.

What the LEAP System will look like to You

When you select your financial advisor who has the LEAP system deployed, you will see the game board that is produced for your set of circumstances. Your advisor will take any all investment products that you’ve purchased previously out of your “junk drawer” and put that data on your game board. The process will proceed like this:

  • Game Board – The game board is established to visualize the categories of protection, savings, and growth, along with income, expenses, and debt. This will be posted on one page so that you can easily visualize how your investments are interacting to grow your wealth over time.
  • Experience and Results Management – This process is where the software really shines. It will show you the results of the financial decisions you’ve already made. Here is where an action list is created for your advisor that lists the discussions they need to have with you concerning your current circumstances.
  • Strategy – Rather than looking at each investment independently, you can now implement and visualize a strategy that encompasses all of the aspects of your wealth accumulation goals.
  • Strategic Allocation Model – Your allocation model will be designed for accumulating wealth, protecting wealth, enjoying wealth, and finally passing your wealth on.
  • Collaboration – Certainly you’ll rely on various professionals during your lifetime and the LEAP system takes this into consideration using a macro-management approach. This allows for input from your banker, attorney, money manager, life and health insurance professionals and even your P&C agent, and accountant. The LEAP system allows and takes into consideration all the aspects of your financial circumstances during your lifetime.
  • Transfer of Wealth – Your LEAP system provider takes into consideration the problems that need to be overcome when you finally transfer your wealth. Certainly, the goal is to avoid those issues that can erode your wealth while transferring it, such as state and federal income tax.

With LEAP, It’s Always About You

Finally, it’s important to understand that the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process is all about you and your financial goals you strive to reach over your lifetime. The LEAP system will focus on four important and primary strategies:

  1. Create more wealth and enjoyment for you.
  2. Reduce your overall exposure to risk.
  3. Greater protection from wealth erosion
  4. No interruption of your financial lifestyle

In Conclusion

If you search the web to learn about LEAP, don’t be surprised if you find a lot of pros and cons of the system. What we’ve found is that the naysayers of LEAP don’t necessarily have a problem with the system, their problem is that cash value life insurance or whole life insurance is part of the overall solution. We found that the system as a whole would be remarkably useful as long as the financial professional you choose is an experienced and reputable financial professional in the marketplace.

If they have the LEAP system, then they believe in whole life or Indexed Universal Life Insurance as one of the solutions for wealth accumulation.


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