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Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Review

life insurance with medical conditions

Reviewed By: Rob Pinner

Rob Pinner Rob Pinner is the founder and CEO of Pinner Financial Services servicing all 50 states. Rob started his insurance career in 2002.

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If you’re considering applying with Lincoln Heritage, perhaps you’d like to determine if it might be the ideal choice for you and your family? Here’s our Lincoln Heritage life insurance review.

Although we are unable to control when we die, we can manage the financial implications that typically landing in the laps of our surviving loved ones.

If you are currently uninsured and are concerned about leaving the cost of your funeral and burial to loved ones, you should be aware of your insurance options.

This review of Lincoln Heritage life insurance will enable you to determine if this insurance company might be the best solution for your life insurance needs.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company


About Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company


Lincoln Heritage has been serving its policyholders for almost six decades after being founded in 1963.

By the mid-nineties, Lincoln Heritage had issued more than 250,000 insurance policies, and then by the turn of the century when the company began to advertised very heavily, this number policies sold began to increase dramatically.

Lincoln Heritage’s objective and mission was to improve and protect the overall standards for its policyholders’ loved ones. This included with outstanding service and an assortment of products to meet a variety of needs.

Lincoln Heritage continues to have a strong advertising presence on television, however, they generate most of their burial and funeral insurance policies using an expansive direct mail program.

Lincoln Heritage is currently the largest final expense insurer in North America and as such, they issue more funeral and burial insurance (final expense insurance) than any rival insurance company.

Lincoln Heritage Life has a similar business model as other insurance carriers who advertise with tv commercials and direct mail such as Colonial Penn, AARP, and Globe Life. Usually, these life insurance providers have a tendency to not be the better option for prospective customers.


The Funeral Advantage Plan from Lincoln Heritage Life


Lincoln Heritage Life refers to its funeral and burial insurance as Funeral Advantage because the insurance plan integrates funeral and burial insurance with membership in the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society.

When a policyholder dies, a consultant with the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS) will get in touch with the designated beneficiary listed on the policy to help them deal with the deceased’s funeral service and burial.

The funeral and burial plans offered by Lincoln Heritage is whole life insurance and consists of all the benefits of conventional whole life insurance like lifetime coverage, level premiums, and a cash value component that accumulates over the life of the insurance policy.

Following are the features of Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Life Insurance:

  • Policyholders receive the same guarantees and benefits as conventional whole life insurance
  • They offer a simplified issue policy without a required medical exam
  • Quick and easy application process with rapid issue that enables the applicant to get coverage quickly
  • Funeral and burial planning assistance by the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society

Even while Lincoln Heritage Life has relatively liberal underwriting standards, the standards do not appear to be as lenient as the company’s national competitors like Mutual of Omaha, Liberty Bankers, or Americo Life. Lincoln Heritage typically forces applicants into a modified death benefit plan that is more expensive than a level benefit plan and typically has higher premiums.

How Lincoln Heritage compares with other national Insurance Companies


Let’s compare the monthly premium of the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Plan with other highly-rated insurance carriers to determine if getting a membership in the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society is a valued benefit or an expensive add-on to your burial insurance.

Below we have listed the actual rates at different ages for $10,000 Burial Policy for a male non-smoker who is in average health:

 Below we have listed the actual rates for $10,000 Burial Policy for a male non-smoker who is in average health: 
Applicant’s Age Lincoln Heritage Mutual of Omaha Americo Liberty Bankers
50 $41.10 $29.16 $32.06 $30.51
55 $48.30 $35.09 $35.70 $36.79
60 $59.20 $42.76 $43.68 $45.80
65 $68.00 $55.76 $55.20 $55.94
70 $86.40 $73.70 $72.93 $73.31
75 $123.50 $99.53 $99.51 $100.15
80 $183.20 $132.65 $145.65 $146.80
85 $200.90 $183.15 $200.14 N/A
 Here are the actual rates for $10,000 Burial Policy for a female non-smoker who is in average health: 
Applicant’s Age Lincoln Heritage Mutual of Omaha Americo Liberty Bankers
50 $33.90 $24.67 $24.56 $25.57
55 $38.50 $28.40 $27.73 $30.40
60 $44.80 $32.87 $33.93 $34.67
65 $57.40 $41.01 $42.80 $42.81
70 $75.30 $53.24 $53.43 $54.79
75 $101.10 $72.41 $72.93 $76.82
80 $145.00 $98.43 $112.77 $109.16
85 $171.50 $135.90 $166.32 N/A

As you can see from the rate charts listed above, Lincoln Heritage charges more for its funeral and burial insurance than the other carriers listed.

Based on these quotes, if you are a 70-year old female and live until age 85, you will have paid an additional $3,970 for your membership in the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society when you could have easily used a company like to get advice about arranging a funeral and burial service at no charge.

To get accurate quotes from mutliple companies that offer funeral and burial insurance, please feel free to use our instant life insurance quoter on this page.

In Conclusion


With many seniors searching for final expense and burial insurance, the competition between insurance companies has become fierce. This is certainly a good thing for consumers because insurance companies must compete for your business. The competition is not just about price but also involves customer service and marketing.

The even better news is that seniors can easily go online to shop insurance rates with all of the highly-rated life insurance companies that offer final expense and burial insurance and they can take advantage of funeral preparation websites like and others to make certain they have their last wishes regarding their funeral taken care of in advance.


Frequently asked Questions

Is burial insurance worth buying?

Life Insurance at age 75

Currently, the average cost of a funeral and burial is about $8,000 and $12,000 depending if you’ve already purchased a plot. Unless you have the cash on hand to leave your surviving loved ones to pay these expenses, it’s critical that you have life insurance with enough coverage to pay when you die.

How much does burial insurance usually cost?

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Your insurance rates will always depend on your age, health, and death benefit. We represent many companies that offer final expense and burial insurance with rates starting at about $32 per month for a 60-year old.

Which companies offer low-cost burial insurance?

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Burial insurance has become a very competitive category in the life insurance industry. We have found that the following companies offer the best value:
Mutual of Omaha
Liberty Bankers Life
United Home Life

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