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American Amicable Life Insurance Review for 2023

American Amicable life insurance review

Reviewed By: Rob Pinner

Rob Pinner Rob Pinner is the founder and CEO of Pinner Financial Services servicing all 50 states. Rob started his insurance career in 2002.

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American Amicable Insurance Company of Texas is a very unique life insurance company offering a full lineup of life insurance products. 

We see this company as a leader in the simplified issue marketplace and want you to have our American Amicable life insurance review for 2023.

By simplified issue, we mean no medical exams are needed in order to qualify for life insurance.

American Amicable can issue coverage without an exam for the following ages:

  • Whole Life ages 0-85 with no exam
  • Universal Life Insurance ages 0-80 with no exam
  • Term Life Insurance ages ages 18-75 with no exam

One of the most beneficial arrangements an individual can make is purchasing a life insurance policy to provide tax free cash for their family when they die. 

The life insurance policy is what will help a family continue financially in the event of the unexpected death of a family breadwinner, so carefully examining all choices available is a wise decision. 

There are plenty of options with different policies and affordable premiums, however, choosing the right life insurance policy can be slightly overwhelming.

Fortunately, American Amicable is an innovating life insurance provider targeting your needs for protection, estate preservation, and wealth management. 

Let’s take a closer look at American Amicable, so that you’ll have a better idea if this company is right for you.

History of American Amicable

For approximately $145 million, Industrial Alliance purchased American Amicable Insurance Company of Texas back in 2010.  However, the company dates back further than that.  American Amicable was founded in 1910 and has been providing life insurance policies since.


American Amicable Review


Currently, with over a century in the insurance industry, American Amicable is now comprised of multiple subsidiaries, including:

  • American Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas
  • Occidental Life Insurance Company of North Carolina
  • IA American Life Insurance Company
  • Pioneer Security Life Insurance Company
  • Pioneer American Insurance Company. 


These subsidiaries are all regarded as financially stable and strong.  American Amicable’s investment line of products offers a great combination of risk and reward and is quite diverse.

American Amicable is consistent with managing money judiciously by investing in diversified mortgage loans, investment-grade bonds, and in the stocks of larger companies that provide attractive profits.  These investment strategies have empowered American Amicable Life Insurance Company to manage a highly competitive, successful, and financially stable business.

American Amicable Ratings and The Better Business Bureau

A.M. Best is considered to be the leading and most reputable insurance company rating agency.  American Amicable has been awarded an “A” (Excellent) rating by the firm. 

Received on February 2019, this “A” (Excellent) rating is the third-highest out of a possible fifteen rating categories.  This rating recognizes American Amicable’s financial strength, integrity, and ability to handle its policyholders’ claims in the years to come.

AM Best A rating

Accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2011, American Amicable has earned the excellent rating of “A+”.  Only the best life insurance companies receive an A+. These ratings and accreditation let you know that your financial security and insurance coverage is in the right hands with American Amicable Life Insurance Company.


BBB rating graphic


American Amicable is located in Waco, TX.  If you are trying to contact American Amicable, you can do so with the following contact information:

  • Toll Free Number:  800-736-7311
  • Fax Number: 254-297-2105
  • Email Address:

Mailing Address:

  • P.O. Box 2549 Waco, TX 76702

Physical Address:

  • 425 Austin Avenue  Waco, TX 76701


American Amicable Product Lineup

If you are looking for permanent life insurance coverage, American Amicable offers several types.  American Amicable offers the following choices for whole life and universal life:

  • Golden Solution
  • Family Solution
  • Senior Choice
  • Family Choice
  • Guaranteed Guardian
  • Financial Lifeline (I, II & III)
  • Legacy Builder
  • Easy UL
  • Ultimate Life Performer
  • SecureLife Plus

As you can see American Amicable has a wide array of permanent cash value life insurance policies available.

One of their more popular policies is a universal life policy called Easy UL.

Loaded with additional riders, features and benefits, Easy UL offers a 15 year no-lapse guarantee, which means there is no risk of lapsing the policy as long as premiums are paid. 

American Amicable offers an easy approach for customers when it comes to determining their life insurance needs.

Even though there is no medical exam with some policies during the application process, they will still take your health into consideration.  However, your death benefit will never decrease and your premiums will never increase due to changes in your health status or increasing age.

American Amicable | Easy Term and Term Made Simple

While American Amicable offers numerous forms of life insurance plans, for this review, we will be highlighting their products, Term Made Simple and Easy Term.

American Amicable’s Term Made Simple

American Amicable’s Term Made Simple policy is a simplified-issue “level” term life insurance policy.  This means there is no required medical exam or blood work and the premium rates will never increase.  However, applicants will be asked numerous health questions.  A check into the applicant’s Medical Information, Motor Vehicle Report, and prescription medication usage will be performed as well.

Coverage amounts for this policy ranges from $50,000 up to $400,000 with 10, 15, 20, and 30-year terms.  As mentioned, the premium remains level throughout the life of the policy and is renewable at the age of 95.

 Here are actual rates for a $250,000 – 20-year policy for a male and female non-smoker in very good health: 


Age of ApplicantMale Non-SmokerFemale Non-Smoker

Furthermore, there is a convertible option so that either all or a portion of the term life policy can be converted to a permanent policy without the need for further proof of insurability.

term conversion info graphic


To view your rates for your actual age, please fill out our quote form on the left of the page to discover if American Amicable will be the best fit for your circumstances and budget.

American Amicable’s policy Easy Term

Easy Term offers some unique benefits that we don’t see on many policies available today.  If you really want to build a robust policy for the long haul, Easy Term should be considered.  Here is a list of riders available for Easy Term:

  • Critical Illness
  • Disability Income
  • Children’s Insurance
  • Waiver of Premium
  • Accidental Death 
  • Accident Only Disability
  • WOP Unemployment

These riders are available at no cost:

  • Terminal Illness
  • Confined Care
  • Chronic Illness

Easy Term can be purchased for 10 year term, 20 year term and 30 year periods.  If you prefer to have term but also want to get your money back if you don’t die during the term period you can choose return of premium term.  You have choices of 20 year and 30 year.

American Amicable popular rider choices:

Waiver of Premium

  • Your premiums can be waived in the event that you become permanently disabled.

Critical illness rider

  • Available at 25%, 50% or 100% acceleration of the death benefit up to $100,000.

Accelerated Benefit 

  • In the event that you need to reside in a nursing home, this rider allows you to receive up to $5,000 monthly (2.5% of face value).

Chronic Illness 

  • A portion of your death benefit may be distributed if two out of six activities of daily living are unable to be met.

Terminal Illness 

  • In the event that you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, with two years left to live, you could receive 100% of your policy’s face value.

Disability Income Rider 

  • This rider provides protection of income during a period of total disability.  It has a 60 day elimination period, non-retroactive, a monthly benefit of 2% of the face amount and is capped at $2000 per month.

Children’s Insurance Agreement 

  • Provides coverage for your children and it can then be converted to a permanent policy with no required evidence of insurability for up to five times the original face value amount.

Additional Categories of American Amicable Products Available

Final Expense Life Insurance 

Includes Terminal Illness and Confined Care Accelerated Benefits, Simplified Issue Ordinary Whole Life Insurance, and Cash Value Life Insurance. Final Expense insurance which is also referred to as funeral or burial insurance is the most popular life insurance product in the senior market.

American Amicable Final Expense Products:

  • Golden Solution
  • Senior Choice
  • Legacy Builder (Single Premium)

There are many insurance carriers selling final expense (also known as guaranteed acceptance) insurance directly to consumers via television ads. Most of these products come with one or two-year waiting periods and should only be considered as a last resort.

 Here is a rate comparison showing the price difference between “guaranteed acceptance” insurance and traditional final expense insurance. These rates are for a $20,000 policy for a male and female non-smoker. 
Applicant AgeMale Final ExpenseMale Guaranteed AcceptanceFemale Final ExpenseFemale Guaranteed Acceptance

Although there is certainly a need for guaranteed acceptance final expense insurance, it should only be considered when you cannot qualify for traditional final expense insurance because of health issues.

Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance 

Provides face amounts of $25,000 to $300,000 with a return of premium option available.  There is also a conversion option available as well.

American Amicable Term Products:

  • Term Made Simple
  • Easy Term
  • Home Protector
  • Survivor Protector (Decreasing Term Life Insurance)
  • Security Protector
  • OBA (Group Level Term)
  • OLIC
  • Val-U-Plus (Term Life with an Annuity Rider)

Universal Life Insurance 

Provides face amounts ranging between $25,000 and $300,000 with a cash value accumulation feature.   

American Amicable Universal Life Insurance Products:

  • Easy UL
  • Ultimate Life Performer
  • SecureLife Plus


Modified Life Insurance 

Provides a guaranteed death benefit, cash value, and premiums until the age of 100.  Also available with this policy are policy loans, accelerated benefits rider, and terminal illness rider.


American Amicable Bottom Line | Our Take

There is no “one-size-fits-all” life insurance company or policy.  The best way to determine which will be most suitable for your circumstances is to consult with a reputable life insurance agency so that they are able to compare all of the companies that they represent side-by-side in order to make a more informed decision. 

We can help, start by using the quoter on this page.


Frequently asked Questions

Does American Amicable require a medical exam?

blood pressure measure

One of the great things about coverage with American Amicable is that it does not require blood work or medical exams at the time of application.

What is American Amicable's term made simple?

American Amicable’s Term Made Simple policy is a simplified-issue “level” term life insurance policy.  This means there is no required medical exam or blood work and the premium rates will never increase.

Is American Amicable's term policies convertible to permanent insurance?

American Amicable logo

Yes, the American Amicable term policy can be converted to a permanent policy offered by American Amicable without proof of insurability.

Does American Amicable offer optional riders for its policies?

Yes, American Amicable offers several riders for applicants to broaden their coverage and add living benefits to their term insurance policy.
Accelerated Death Benefit
Critical Illness Rider
Chronic Illness Rider
Waiver of Premium
Disability Income Rider
Chrildren’s Insurance Rider

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