is a 100000 life insurance policy enough

Is $100,000 Life Insurance Enough?

For most people, a $100,000 life insurance policy may sound like legitimate coverage and that may be true. There are circumstances when $100,000 in coverage will likely be sufficient, but in reality, it’s typically not enough if you want to replace your income when you’re no longer here. Think about it, what are all the…
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$50,000 life insurance rates

$50,000 Life Insurance Rates

Have you ever seen a TV commercial when they talk about life $500,000 life insurance policies costing only about $18 a month? Then, you think to yourself that you only need about $50,000 in life insurance only to find out the rates are higher than the $500,000 “as seen on TV” rates? What’s up with…
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large commercial building

Forethought Life Insurance Company

When shopping for life insurance, a lot of people say that the only thing more challenging about life insurance products is the number of companies out there selling them. When you consider that a life insurance policy is a promise to pay a death benefit in exchange for a premium, it’s important to know as…
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Disability Insurance featured image

Disability Insurance | The Long and Short of It

Anyone who earns an income should have Disability Insurance. Learn about long-term coverage vs. short-term coverage.
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Decreasing term insurance

Is Decreasing Term Insurance Extinct?

Believe it or not, there was a time (the good ole days) when decreasing term insurance was popular. Consumers primarily used it to cover a debt so it would be paid off if you died during the repay period of the debt. If a consumer elects to cover debt with life insurance on their own,…
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Globe Life Insurance featured image

Globe Life Insurance Review

Anyone who watches television has probably seen commercials put out there by life insurance companies, especially those companies that sell directly to the consumer. Certainly, TV advertising is a great method for getting consumers to think about life insurance and we applaud companies that are willing to pay big bucks to get the conversation started.…
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Ethos life Review

Ethos Life Insurance | Company Review

Do you prefer to wait weeks to get your life insurance issued while your insurance company collects health information about you and sometimes your immediate family? If you need life insurance now because you’re not insured or under-insured but you want it to fit in your budget, continue reading our Ethos Life Insurance Company Review…
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ladder life insurance review

Ladder Life Insurance Review

When you embrace 21st Century technology, you can buy almost anything online. The days of purchasing a product like life or health insurance only from an agent while sipping coffee at the kitchen table are over for the majority of consumers in America. Recently, and primarily because of available funding, life insurance companies have opened…
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policygenius review featured img

Policy Genius Review

If you’re in the market for insurance and want to buy it fast, cheap, and from a highly-rated insurance company, Policy Genius is a great place to start and our Policy Genius Review should be the first step you take. It’s important, however, that you understand Policy Genius is not an insurance company but rather,…
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